The Monthly Meetings are open to all members, and are held at Broadmead Baptist Church on Union Street. Tea and coffee is served until from 9.45 - 10.15, the talk starts at 10.30.

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Dates for your Diary
November 2018
Tue Nov 20thMeetingMonthly meeting for all members
Speaker is Alan Freke who is going to speak about Frenchay Hospital's Hidden History
December 2018
Tue Dec 18thMeetingNo monthly meeting this month
January 2019
Tue Jan 15thMeetingMonthly meeting for all members
Speaker John Gingell who is going to talk to us about chocolate. His talk is entitled From Bean to Bar.
This is likely to be one of the last opportunities to hear John speak as he is due to retire. He has a massive collection of chocolate memorabilia, which will be donated to a local museum in due course. He welcomes any memories or artifacts from the Fry/Cadbury days. There may be samples!
February 2019
Tue Feb 19thMeetingMonthly meeting for all members. The speaker is Mark Davies whose talk is entitled King of Balloons. Mark will tell us about the very first balloonist, James Sadler who first took to the skies in 1784. Particularly of interest to our members given Bristol's current love of hot air balloons.
March 2019
Tue Mar 19thMeetingMonthly Meeting for all members. The speaker will be Kate Dodd who is an art historian and tutor. Kate's talk will be entitled "Why Art Matters" and she will examine three well known works, and talk about others. She will discuss art as a form of communication, as historical documentation as well as an expression of feeling and emotion.
April 2019
Tue Apr 16thMeetingMonthly meeting for all members. The speaker this month is Philip Caine. Philip has spoken to many U3A groups and is acknowledged to be a particularly interesting and inspirational speaker. Philip is going to speak about his experiences, working in many hazardous locations, such as Algeria, West Africa, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iraq and so on.
He has written several fictitious adventure thrillers, inspired by his 10 years in the Middle East.
May 2019
Tue May 21stMeetingMonthly Meeting for all members. The speaker is Dr Keith Hooper who is going to talk about Victorian Literature and in particular Charles Dickens. Dr Hooper was awarded a doctorate at Exeter University for his work on Dickens and has published a biography of this particular Victorian Author. Dr Hooper regularly speaks on Local radio and you can see his lectures on YouTube. He is an informative and engaging speaker
June 2019
Tue Jun 18thMeetingMonthly Meeting for all members. This is the AGM - all are welcome and encouraged to come along. There will be no speaker this month but this is your chance to meet the committee and to hear what has happened during the year. It is also your chance to air your views and vote for new office holders.
July 2019
Tue Jul 16thMeetingMonthly Meeting for all members
The Speaker will be Annie Syrett. Annie has set up a charity to help the Bolivian street children in Santa Cruz. The charity feeds, accommodates and educates these children, often finding them jobs and setting up self financing projects.
September 2019
Tue Sep 17thMeetingMonthly meeting for all members. The speaker is Jeff Bishop who is going to talk about Bristol Through Maps.
The oldest known town map dates from 1480 and just happens to be of Bristol. Jeff will tell us about various maps throughout the centuries, as well as maps of Bristol's future. In addition there will information about artist's maps, planners' maps and even pub maps. Well we all need one of those!
October 2019
Tue Oct 15thMeetingMonthly meeting for all members. The speaker this month is the very popular Paul Barnett, who spoke about Purton Hulks in 2017. Today's topic will be the Severn Bridge Disaster.Can you remember the accident in 1960 when two tanker barges collided with the Severn Railway Bridge, bringing a couple of spans down on to the ships, causing the cargo of petrol to ignite. The bridge was never repaired or replaced, changing the lives of those who lived either side of the bridge for ever.
November 2019
Tue Nov 19thMeetingMonthly Meeting for all Members
This month we will hear Liz Newman who is a founder member of the Brigstowe Village Band. They have modeled themselves on the village bands depicted in Thomas Hardy's novels and poems.
This will be a musical talk with a few band members but the emphasis will be on the work of Thomas Hardy and his contemporaries who write about the customs and stories of rural England.