Welcome to Brightlingsea

Welcome to Brightlingsea, a unique small coastal town on the North Essex coast at the mouth of the river Colne, with a great hisory and many nautical connections in fishing, yachting, boat building and sailing. The town was a Naval base in WW2 with the ship yards providing repair and maintenance for a variety of vessels. Brightlingsea was also home to an ANZAC training base in WW1.
Now Brightlingsea hosts many national and international sailing events as well as providing opportunities for a number of water sports. Famously, Reg White who came from Brightlingsea won an Olympic gold medal for sailing.
The town is the only Cinque Port north of the Thames and for more information on this click on the Brightlingsea Cinque Port Liberty link.
For more information about the activities going on in Brightlingsea please click on the link About Brightlingsea and the Brightlingsea Town Guide link.