Dates for future meetings are as follows:

19 July 2021
13 September 2021
11 October 2021
8 November 2021
6 December 2021
17 January 2022
14 February 2022
7 March 2022
16 May 2022
20 June 2022
18 July 2022

There will not be a meeting in April 2022 as we were unable to book a suitable date in the month.

Please click here for our September-October 2021 Newsletter

Bridlington U3A started in September 2007 and it has enjoyed a period of rapid growth. On our first birthday in September 2008, there were 300 members and about 40 different interest groups, co-ordinated and led by a dedicated band of volunteers. We welcome all those who are no longer in full-time employment as well as those who are in part-time employment. We have continued to grow and we now have approximately 1000 members and 80 different interest groups.

Monthly meetings at Bridlington Spa

Spa Meeting 2 Spa meeting 3 Spa Meeting 4 Spa meeting 5

There are regular U3A monthly meetings at Bridlington Spa, at 10.30 one Monday of the month, with talks on a range of subjects. There is a £1 entry fee for members and guests to cover the hire of the venue. Refreshments are available.There are ‘Greeters’ just inside the main Spa entrance, where you will be made welcome and there is a ‘Welcome table’ for newcomers.

Think U3A activities might be for you? Then come along and find out. You can attend any session as a ‘visitor’ without obligation. Or could you help to run a new Interest Group for U3A? Please let us know.

An annual subscription (presently £13.00) is paid by U3A members. Members pay £1.00 for admission to the monthly meeting and where specialist venues are hired, there is a small additional cost. Theatre trips, lunches and similar social outings are paid for by members when they sign up for these individual events.

Our support teams play an important part in making Bridlington U3A so successful. So much happens behind the scenes and we are really lucky to have such a loyal band of helpers to make our Spa meetings so much more fun.

Bridlington U3A's Constitution and Policies can be viewed on the Our Policies page.

If you need information about becoming a Bridlington U3A member please see our Join Us page or contact the The Membership Secretary.