Letter From The Chair May 2017

It is Newsletter time again and, as I write this, hailstones are battering the windows, it is very cold outside and Spring seems to have dis- appeared, hopefully to return by the end of the week! Despite the inclement weather we have some interesting trips to look forward to with a visit to Leeds in early May and trips to Haworth and Scampston in June and July. We have to thank Gerald and Group Leaders Susan Earnshaw and Alice Scanlon for arranging these, two more instances of just how successfully our U3A is run by volunteering members.

The other great event of the summer is our Summer Spectacular in July which will be organised this year by Roger and me. Please let us know if you and your group would like to take part and we will make sure that you are included in the programme. There will be the usual concert but groups will also be able to book a table to exhibit their work. Following the Silver Dream Bikers’ very successful PowerPoint display at the Christmas Concert, we are hoping that other groups will consider doing the same to showcase their activities so that it is not just the performers who are in the limelight. There is help available to put the PowerPoint together if you need it!