Spotlight on Jazz Group

Jazz Group Sept 2015 The Jazz Group Has had its ups and downs. From its beginnings in a garret room in the Resource Centre about four years ago the members now meet every Tuesday afternoon in its fifth venue, the luxury of Rudston community hall.
Members have come and gone and so have leaders but now there is a healthy membership of about a dozen. Some have joined the U3A specifically to play with our group and travel considerable distances. We have a rhythm section plus saxophones, clarinets and a trumpet, altogether eight different instruments.
The group is noisy, friendly, mutually supportive and great fun. It is also hard work, there is a lot of practice to do. Two years ago we presented an afternoon show at the Spotlight Theatre. That was nerve-racking, but thanks to our lovely U3A audience, a success. This year we have started playing at Care Homes. At Applegarth this September, eight of us played to a small audience, but they joined in with singing and dancing to make the occasion happy and worthwhile. We will also be playing before the Spa Christmas concert again this year.
Prospective new members are always welcome to ‘sound’ us out and and come for a ‘blow’ on Tuesday afternoons.