Further Info about Silver Dream Bikers

The Silver Dream Bikers group has already celebrated its fifth anniversary ! It has gone from strength to strength following a shaky start in January2010 when only one person in the original group of four owned a 'road going' motorcycle. The group now has a full complement of 16 members (inc. partners) with most of the bikers owning two or more bikes. Sadly, this year we lost one of our founding members, Chris Clark, who after joining went on to pass her motorcycle test and take part in many of our 'ride-outs'.Apart from monthly meetings at members' homes, the bikers take to the roads almost every time the sun shines, and even when it doesn't ! Their regular destination is the Seaways Cafe, Fridaythorpe (affectionately known as 'Headquarters'). Having said that, all the riders are familiar with the many tea rooms and cafes of North Yorkshire and the East Riding where they break their journey for a bacon buttie and coffee.
Apart from the ride-outs there are occasional invited speakers to the group, among them the head of the North Yorkshire Police Driver Training Unit, who was able to give some very pertinent tips to enhance road safety. Another speaker brought slides of the Isle of Man in the 50s and 60s which took us all back to the times of our youth. We also had a talk from a M.A.G (Motorcycle Action Group) representative who outlined the work being done to encourage the Government to positively promote motorcycling and 'bike' awareness.
There have been some longer rides including trips to the Lake District, Alnwick, Hadrian’s Wall, the Isle Of Man and to John O'Groats. This year six riders will take 5 days to complete the end to end tour of the island by travelling to Landsend. In 2012 two couples travelled across to Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany. In 2014 twelve members of the group travelled to Ghent for a short break and, as this proved so popular, it will be followed next year by a trip to Bruges.
All these bike trips have helped to promote the good name of the Bridlington added U3A !