Poetry from Poetry Appreciation Group

The Red Dress by Val Bolton

Look at that fabulous bright red dress!
Wearing that I know I’ll impress.
Let’s go inside and try it on.
If I wait, it’s sure to have gone.

Empress line flows down to hide my bumps,
whilst up above my bust – it jumps.
Halter neckline is so alluring.
In this dress I can’t be boring!

How I want to make it mine!
Don’t you think it’s just divine?
How much did you say? Did I hear you right?
I’ll just sit down, I’ve had a fright!

No, not a fright, more of a shock.
All that money! Just for a FROCK!!!!

Eternal Love by Helen J. Watson

Fired with passion deep inside
Arms around you gently glide
Warm on warm, skin to skin
Tender feeling from within
Fill my soul, complete my being
Blind to all but you I’m seeing
Endless time in which to wallow
Loving feelings only follow
Resting calm within your arms
Enfolded by your very charms
Encompassed feeling linger each day
To soar my soul in every way
Gentle calmness fills my soul
This heaven on earth in which we stroll
Enveloped in love our life has been
A joy to behold for all to have seen
Until our end on this earthly plain
Our physical bond will forever remain
Beyond the grave our spirits entwine
For eternally together will combine
Universal energy binds our love
Evermore everlasting for all above
Colourful hues soak our souls
Soft music absorbed fills the very whole
Sweet fragrance fills the very air
With every scent you could compare
Each tasty morsel for each is sent
So there fore the taking to keep content
As for our souls they now roam free
To gel as they want for ever to be
In happiness and harmony all entwine
Spirits and souls live on and combine.


I Love Going to Nana’s by Joan Lakin

I love going to Nana’s
It’s such a magical place
With coloured boxes of toys
She plays with a funny face

Just around the corner is
Every kid’s dream come true
Miles of Golden sands and sea
Such a magnificent view

We took our buckets and spades
To make sandcastles with moat
Filling our buckets with water
See if it will stay afloat

Love running into the sea
And feel it tickling my toes
Take a ride on a donkey
Slowly and graceful it goes

Taking our carrier bags
We go off searching for shells
Coloured stones, different shapes
Overhead a seagull yells

Please let me go on the beach
It’s raining but I don’t care
Can still go for a paddle
Cagoule and wellies I’ll wear

There’s always the amusements
With lots of two pence pieces
Playing the Machines for hours
And prizes it releases

Got to go home, such a bind
I’d go often if I could
Maybe when I’m old enough
I can live there too, for good

The Colour Red by Joan Lakin

Red can show us danger
Can also show us love
Stands for Remembrance
Thoughts of brave men above

They gave us our country
Reassurance and life
Free to live without fear
With a husband or wife

Red deer in the forest
Is always a delight
A red setter sweeps by
What a wonderful sight

Red berries on the holly
Look bright against the snow
We know winter is here
Our faces all aglow

Here comes Robin Redbreast
Jumping from bush to bush
Such a little treasure
But always in a rush

There is the red desert
So vast, baron and hot
Looks amazing on paper
For a stroll, I think not

The African sunset
For me it has to be
Smouldering golds and reds
A lasting wish to see

Left by Right by Anne Mullender

A young man

haversack on his shoulder

steers through the crowd

looks to left and right

presses the button

blows himself and them

into infinity

A young man

weight on His shoulders

stumbles through the crowd

scorned by left and right

says, ‘It is finished!’

offers up Himself

for our eternity

I Am Home by Anne Mullender

Train rattles on past harvested fields

where bales of hay wait to be carried away,

labour fulfilled.

Tree branches weighed down,

waving like Jordan’s palm

as the wind gathers strength

under grey sky threatening rain.

At journey’s end my Friend greets me

welcomes me, arms opened wide,

smiling like warm rays of sunshine,

lighting up my heart.

I am home.