Bridlington U3A Committee 2020

Kevin Kevin Smith is the Chair. He is the ‘figure head’ of our U3A. His role is to oversee everything, facilitate and step in where required. He chairs committee meetings and leads the committee through the business of planning, implementing, and evaluating the activities of our U3A so that we meet the principles of the U3A movement. He also oversees the arrangements for Spa meetings and leads the meetings.

Terry Benstead is the Vice-Chair. He assists the Chair in his duties and deputises for him if need be.

Mike Hobson is the Treasurer. He has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management. He collects, banks, pays out and accounts for money that flows through our U3A. He produces accounts for the monthly committee meetings for the purpose of forecasting and developing future cash management strategies. Mike also produces an annual statement of account which he presents at the AGM.

Terry Terry Buckle is the Group Co-ordinator. He manages all 95 Interest Groups, and sets up new Groups. At Spa meetings he recruits new Group members; advises members on Group activities and gives a presentation outlining Group and activity news. For the Newsletter he writes articles,gives Group information and provides Interest Group Sheets. He produces a diary for Groups and meetings using the U3A Centre. He informs the Website Administrator of changes to Group information.

Sylvia Wright is the Social Secretary. She organises both day trips and holidays for U3A members. This involves collecting in money from members, booking coaches and liaising with venue staff to ensure that trips take place in accordance with all regulations. Sylvia also helps and gives advice to Group leaders when they arrange trips.

Evelyn Smith is the Business Secretary. She collates the agenda for, and writes the minutes of, the monthly committee meetings. She is also be the point of contact for our U3A with both Yorkshire and Humberside Region U3A and the U3A National Office. She circulates relevant information from YAHR and National Office to members. Also, she oversees our statutory and regulatory responsibilities.

Evelyn Smith is the Membership Secretary. She acts as the first point of contact for enquiries from prospective members. Evelyn processes application forms from new members and renewal forms from existing members. The role also includes maintaining our membership database, keeping our gift aid, newsletter and email distribution lists up to date, and arranging the distribution of the Third Age Matters magazine.

Peter Peter Clarke and Steph Kirke are the Communications Officers. They manage and update regularly our U3A’s website and Facebook page. They send out general emails as required to all our members who have email addresses. They will also develop and improve our communication with members as appropriate.

Christina Royal is the Centre Manager.

Delphine Kaye is the Speaker Finder, organising speakers for our monthly meetings. She is also the Volunteer Coordinator.

Mike Heslop-Mullens is the Development Officer.

Michael Perry is the Assistant Development Officer.

If you need information about becoming a Bridlington U3A Member please contact The Membership Secretary (Just click on the highlighted word).

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