Brecon U3A Newsletter – Summer 2021

Newsletter Summer 2021
Best wishes to everyone.

We have had an interesting year and despite the difficulties those of us who have been able to use Zoom have had a very enjoyable time. None of us have forgotten everyone else; we think of you all the time and dearly look forward to when we can all meet again as normal.
The Committee are constantly looking for ways for all members to take part in events. However, there is much uncertainty and circumstances are constantly changing.
In a previous newsletter we told you about the Cultural Café that has been set up at Theatr Brycheiniog which is now open and some of you may have visited.
However, there has been uncertainty for all theatres across the UK particularly about numbers and how events can be carried out safely.
One of the problems for us has been the restrictions on numbers.

We are regularly in touch with the theatre who are being as helpful as they can, but they are also having to deal with uncertainty.

Here is a part of a recent communication from David Wilson the Director of Theatr Brycheiniog:

I know from my meetings with the U3A committee that you've successfully migrated your activity to the online world, you are to be congratulated, whilst we all miss the opportunities to gather physically at the Theatr, and we do dearly miss seeing you all, it is important to maintain contact with each other. Mr Ingram and the team have updated me on the programme you've been able to engage in and I am impressed.

In working together, we hope that you continue your activities, but that in the autumn we will plan for and provide a few select 'trial' events that see us providing some element of attendance here, but also engage in a hybrid model where we 'broadcast' the activity to those who cannot come, either because measures don't allow or that the capacity of the theatre cannot be managed in that way. The Theatr additionally may be testing out some small scale events through the summer months too, please look out for these.
Best wishes David

Things have moved on since we received that from David. As I write this, we have just moved into level 0 but there are still strong recommendations for caution.
As you will see from our programme, we are continuing to meet with Zoom in the coming term so that we can carry on with some stability.
We are, however, meeting next with David, the theatre director, with a hope that we can return to normal in January.

During this term we have had a superb time. One positive change in our organisation is for John Turnock to take on the role as Brecon U3A Publicity Coordinator. He has been in contact with many local organisations who have published a range of information about Brecon U3A. This has included regular details in the Brecon and Radnor Express focusing on our morning speakers and special interest groups.
The recent outside speakers included David Ramsden who spoke about Climate and Ecological Crisis.
Tim Mitchell an award-winning lighting designer who has worked in all forms of theatre and television.
Jenna Walker from the Welsh Medicines Information Centre gave us a very useful talk about the Yellow Card Scheme, which is not, as John wrote what you were awarded if you misbehaved during a game of football. The government’s Yellow Card Scheme enables anyone to report any side-effects experienced after taking prescribed or non-prescribed cures.
Brian Fernley from the South West Airfields Heritage Trust. Talked about the impact of 1500 American servicemen taking up residence in a quiet English village in WW2.
Helen Pruett, from Wales Air Ambulance told us how the idea was conceived, how is it organised, who pays and who benefits.
About her talk, John wrote that we are fortunate to have such a wonderful home-grown service in our Principality.

We had talks from Brecon U3A members Viv Williams, Mike Ingram, Kate Bossett, Richard and Poppy Weston.
Highlights of the term were the talks by Viv, Kate and Poppy. Viv took us away from covid on a wonderful virtual holiday to the Sinai Desert and a climb up Mount Sinai. We saw the bush known as the Burning Bush with a fire extinguisher sitting alongside.
Kate gave us part of a vivid history of her home country, New Zealand.
Poppy told us a very moving story of her father’s experience as a WW2 prisoner of war in Norway with a very clear account of the events then in Norway.

We have another great programme for Autumn which as I have said, we will have to continue on Zoom and will continually keep in touch with the theatre.

If you need any help with Zoom contact Mike Ingram at

Last year our AGM was very successful; it was held on Zoom, and we had a large number of members attending. This year we will also be using Zoom and hope as many of you as possible can attend as decisions about Brecon U3A have to be made or approved by you. The date will be 4th November and further details will be sent to you at the appropriate time. Those of you who do not use Zoom, or the internet will be able to be involved in other ways

If anyone would like to join the Committee, please contact Mike ingram

We are planning to arrange for membership renewals to be in January, but we will let you know when we have completed our plans.

Many thanks to everyone for an enjoyable term, we look forward to getting together again soon but in the meantime have a good holiday.

Very best wishes from me and the Committee

Mike Ingram