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Committee Nov 2020
Chair: Mike Ingram
Vice Chairs: Agi Yates and Poppy Western
Secretary: Pauline Paterson
Membership Secretary: Viv Williams
Finance Secretary: Kath Hopkins
Programme Coordinator: Alison Jones
Travel Coordinator: Pat Blake
Network Representative: Richard Walker
Trustee: John Turnock

October News

  • AGM November 5th at 11am by Zoom

Dear Members

After considerable debate and discussion throughout the summer months, the Committee has decided to hold our AGM by Zoom on the above date. This is due to the current Covid-19 restrictions and to ensure good governance of Brecon U3A over the coming year. It has been duly minuted and we ask for your understanding.
It was not an easy decision, but as you are aware we had several resignations over the Spring and as per our Constitution all but our Treasurer must be re-elected after three years in office, meaning all essential Trustee posts must be re-elected. We are very pleased that we have had some interest in joining the Committee at this difficult time. With so much change and in the interests of both continuity and good governance, having sought advice from the Charity Commission and Third Age Trust, we have decided to proceed.
You are invited to join in the live AGM by Zoom ( screen or phone). Please contact Mike Ingram

NOW, dear Members. Brecon U3A needs you!

Quorums for the AGM is determined by the number we get actively participating on Zoom, so if you can, please join us. By phone or on screen. It is important AGM business can go ahead as I’m sure you will agree.

All documents relevant to the AGM have been sent out. You are invited to vote, post or email them and these votes will be added to those attending by Zoom. Please note you cannot vote by email/post AND at Zoom AGM.

We are aware that some members either have not received, or have not opened their communications by email from us. If you have any friends who may be in this situation please let us know and we will add them to our mailing list. Viv has been contacting some people too.
Under the present restrictions of movement and social distancing, the temporary positions held at present, the Committee is unable to mail ALL members. Only those who have previously informed us they are not contactable by email.

The Autumn Programme is currently running well and providing a much-needed respite, entertainment and some new knowledge to those members able to join us. As one member has commented ‘I can do my ironing whilst watching’ !
The Programme group is very grateful for offers of talks from members so keep them coming. Contact Alison –

Pat Wilkie organised a trip to Aberglasney Gardens enjoyed by several members. Thanks Pat. We look forward to more such opportunities come the spring. Mike, Jean, Pat will be running their SIG on Zoom this term too. See website or programme for details)
Many SIG leaders have resigned but we thank them all for what they have done over the years.

We gather the Theatr is hoping to be able to open the auditorium, with socially distanced measures in place at some point in the future. They have assured us they will be in touch when this is available and we will, of course seek your views on resuming meetings. Until then, we will continue to Zoom.

The present Committee thank you who have supported us through some very difficult times. We really appreciate your appreciation!
The new committee will be writing to you after the AGM.
In meantime, keep safe and healthy. Keep meeting us on Zoom.

Best Wishes

The Committee

The Current Brecon U3A Committee – August 2020
Chair: Richard Walker
Vice Chair: Mike Ingram
Secretary: Agi Yates
Acting Membership Secretary: Viv Williams
Finance Secretary: Kath Hopkins
Travel Coordinator: Pat Blake
Programme Coordinator: Alison Jones
Other Members: Poppy Weston, Pauline Paterson

Message to Members, 2nd September

Dear Members

We hope you have managed to get out and about a bit more since our last communiqué, and that you are well?

The Committee have been meeting through the summer, our main focus being on the future form of Brecon U3A.

In a determined effort to ensure some continuity under Covid-19 restrictions we have made some challenging but necessary decisions.

The first is great news. An autumn programme! We regret not everyone can or wishes to participate on Zoom. This is our only viable option under Covid-19 restrictions. There is a telephone link too which means you can participate but not be seen. Please contact Mike Ingram and he will guide you through, what he assures us, is a simple procedure.
Many members have been able to take part in two Zoom talks, some have joined other members to view the speaker. Please let us know if you could offer a non-Zoomer this option.

Alison has done a sterling job in compiling the programme. She has included as many SIGs as responded and volunteered to provide some afternoon sessions following the morning talk. I’m sure I speak for us all in expressing our appreciation of this work.

The second big decision has been the timing of our AGM. As there is no news of the Theatr reopening it is our intention to hold the AGM via Zoom on November 5th at 11am.
(A further reminder, all documents including voting procedures will be sent in October.)

Having had four resignations over the past few months and with key committee posts up for re-election we need to establish a new committee as soon as possible which will be able to steer the ship of Brecon U3A into the as yet uncharted waters of 2021.

If you would like any information about committee posts please contact us.

We will be sending out ALL the necessary documents in advance of the AGM so that as many people as possible can vote and comment on the business in hand. This will be done by post and email. It will take time and effort but I’m sure you all appreciate this is necessary in order to give us all an opportunity to participate despite Covid-19 restrictions.

A nomination form for the 2021 Committee is has been sent to everyone. It should be signed, countersigned and returned by email to the Secretary by the stated date.

We know none of this is exactly desirable and we hope you will bear with us while we try and continue our U3A activities. Your forbearance is appreciated.
Meanwhile, keep active and healthy. If anyone would benefit from a chat then Viv is still happy to have you call her.

Again, thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. ‘See you soon’.

Very best wishes from the committee