Branston & District

Tips on viewing/reading our newsletter

Here are a few suggestions to help you read the newsletter on your computer.

1. If you READ it on screen, you will find it more convenient to view it in full-screen mode. In either Firefox or Internet Explorer press the function key F11 (you must have the F lock key enabled/pressed). Press F11 again to revert to normal viewing. If that does not work, go to 'View/Full Screen' from the menu bar at the top.
2. Adjust the ZOOM level to give a convenient size to read, e.g. 75% or 'Fit Width'
3. You can SAVE a copy to your computer by clicking on the 'Save' icon in Adobe Reader. (Second on left on the Adobe Reader menu bar).
4. If you have not got Adobe Reader on your computer, i.e. the newsletter will not open, then download it from the hyper-link below.
5. IF YOU CANNOT SEE WELL, you may like to have the newsletter read to you. First save the newsletter to your computer. Then open it in Adobe Reader. Then go to View/Read Out Load/Activate Read Out Loud. Now, whichever paragraph or section you click on will be read out to you.
6. You can PRINT the newsletter by clicking on the 'Print' icon. (First on left on the Adobe Reader menu bar). If you wish to print double-sided then:
- check 'Reverse pages'
- select 'Subset: Even pages only'
- click on OK to print the even pages
- turn printed pages over and put back in your printer
- select 'Subset: Odd pages only'
- click on OK to print the odd pages