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Welcome to our Competition Page which will be active during the period of Coronavirus lockdown. All the competitions are in PDF format so that you can download and print them.

No prizes for completing the various puzzles, but you might get you name in lights - or at least on the Home Page banner! So if you complete any, please contact James Hewson (Web Site Manager), who will also be pleased to receive any other puzzles, brainteasers, suggestions, comments.

Happy puzzling!

Solutions will are to be found on the Competition solutions page - although there might be a slight delay before they appear.

Crossword 37
Crossword 36
Crossword 35
Crossword 34
Crossword 33
Crossword 32
Crossword 31
Crossword 30
Crossword 29
Crossword 28
Crossword 27
Crossword 26
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Crossword 21
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Crossword 19
Crossword 18
Crossword 17
Crossword 16
Crossword 15
Lincoln Quiz
Crossword 14
Crossword 13
Pot Luck Quiz
Crossword 12
Should Have Paid Attention
Long Lost TV Programs
Swinging Sixties Quiz
Crossword 11
Crossword 10
Crossword 9
Crossword 8
Pop Groups Quiz
TV Initials Quiz
Football Quiz
Crossword 7
Crossword 6
Crossword 5
Crossword 4
Crossword 3
Anagrams Quiz -1
Flowers Quiz
Crossword 2
British Food Anagrams Quiz
Welsh Place Names Quiz
Would I Lie to You?
Newsletter/Tower Quiz June 2020
Lincolnshire Place Names Quiz
Pop Quiz
Menu Items Quiz
Towns & Cities Quiz
Biscuit Quiz
Logo & Celebrity Quiz
Chocolate Quiz
Countryside Quiz
Numbers Quiz
Crossword 1