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To go directly to the U3A Site Builder page click on the link here or in the right hand column.

A few helpful hints on managing your group page!

1. When you go to the login page on U3A Site Builder it asks you to put in your 'login name' and your 'password'. The login and password are the ones you chose yourself.

2. If you are a new Group Contact, please email a login name (8-10 letters/numbers) and a password of exactly 12 letters/numbers to Elaine Orpe, our Group Co-Ordinator. If you have forgotten your login name and/or password contact Elaine Orpe, she will have the list of logins and passwords.

3. All Group Contacts have access to their own pages and more importantly the "events" section to update the diary for meeting dates. Meeting dates in the events section will automatically be removed when the date has passed.

4. Check the details of your group activities that are shown on your web page and in the events section so that people know when and where your group is meeting. The Site Builder Editors advise members against putting dates in the text on their page, these should just go in the events section.

5. You can also add images beneath your information or in the right hand column. When these are expanded members will see the description you have included with these photographs.

Any other queries go to the Committee page and email the person you think might be able to answer your question. The committee member will pass it on if they think somebody else might be better able to help you.