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Brackley U3A Monthly Speaker Meetings 2020 programme

Online Mirthy Talks (Posted 13/10/2020)
As you are aware we are currently unable to hold live Monthly Speaker Meetings, however following the trial Mirthy talk in September we intend to book online "Mirthy" talks for our members. If you are interested in viewing these talks please register with Mirthy via the link sent to you in the Members Newsletter and follow the instructions on the page to register for the talks.
Once registered you will receive a confirmation email with a unique link in it to access each talk. A reminder email will be sent to you a couple of days before and 15 minutes before each talk is due to start. If someone registers and does not receive the confirmation email please check your junk or spam folders, or email direct.
Details of up-coming "Mirthy" talks will be posted below.

Next Online Mirthy Talk (Posted 12/04/2021)

Thursday 15th AprilKath Reynolds on MirthyGoose, Grease and Brown PaperA fun trip down memory lane pre NHS days for cupboard remedies. Can we afford the doctor? Of course not! A fun trip down memory lane to pre-NHS days and the kitchen cupboard remedies inflicted by our nearest and dearest! Honey, salt, onions, mustard…not to forget the snails, urine, string and cow muck!

Coronavirus (Posted 17/03/2020)
In view of the recommendations from the Government the Committee has decided to cancel all Monthly Speaker Meetings until further notice. This supersedes any information in the Calendar, Group and Events webpages.

Information about all our speakers for 2020/21 are detailed below.

2020/21 Meeting Schedule

Thursday 15th October 10:00Geoff Harris on MirthyA Toastmaster's TaleGeoff is one of the country’s leading Toastmasters, working in venues all over the UK and abroad. However, in this insightful, informative and hilarious talk Geoff lifts the lid off the world of formal events in his own inimitable style. Just what did the Prince of Wales have to do with the introduction of the red coat? How fast did the Alderman’s funeral cortege go? Did the bridegroom really say that? The answer to these questions and many, many more are answered at breakneck speed in this witty, funny, brilliantly presented talk. Not to be missed.
Thursday 19th November 10:00Geoff Harris on MirthyThe London No-one Tells You just that, the London no-one tells you about. The Necropolis railway, the lost rivers and why the Americans don’t own their embassy are just a few of the not so well known details brought to life.
Thursday 17th DecemberKath Reynolds on Mirthy'Tis the Season to be JollyChristmas time! A look back at some of our Christmas traditions, celebrations and favourite toys! Enjoy a few carols and a look at the films we’ve watched at Christmas time.
Thursday 21st JanuarySandy Leong on MirthyA Nice Cup of TeaThe British answer to any problem or crisis is often a cup of tea! If you have had a shock or an upset someone will make you a nice cup of tea. But how did the British love affair with tea start? It is a fascinating tale of adventure, taxes, criminality, temperance, rationing and a morale booster in World War I and II. You'll also find out how a hungry Duchess with a taste for a 'cuppa' established the ritual of afternoon tea.
Thursday 18th FebruarySandy Leong on MirthyMad as a HatterOrigins and Meanings of Sayings, Some people could say that Sandy is as mad as a hatter because she is fascinated by the origins of the sayings we use in everyday conversation. There are more sayings than you can shake a stick at. For any doubting Thomas' out there Sandy will let the cat out of the bag and pull out all the stops to entertain you, with stories of how the sayings we use all the time, came about.
Thursday 18th MarchSandy Leong on MirthyA History of Our Love Affair with ChocolateThe Aztecs believed cocoa seeds were a gift from the god of wisdom. The Spanish took the bean back to Spain in 1528. By the 1550's chocolate had arrived in England and the first Chocolate House opened in 1657. The Quakers were instrumental in making it popular, the Swiss refined it; and now we can’t seem to do without it! The god of wisdom gave us chocolate – I’m not sure if it was a wise move!
Thursday 15th AprilKath Reynolds on MirthyGoose, Grease and Brown PaperA fun trip down memory lane pre NHS days for cupboard remedies. Can we afford the doctor? Of course not! A fun trip down memory lane to pre-NHS days and the kitchen cupboard remedies inflicted by our nearest and dearest! Honey, salt, onions, mustard…not to forget the snails, urine, string and cow muck!
Thursday 20th MayNeil Sadler on MirthyA Policeman's LotNeil Sadler spent 30 years as a police officer. Starting “on the beat” in the exotic holiday resort of Bognor Regis in the 1970s, he retired from a post in national and international police training. You may be amazed to hear who he met on his first solo night shift at 3am. Changes in police uniform and equipment and why not to be squirted with pepper spray. Also, where not to try and escape the traffic cops in one European country and a novel use for a policeman’s helmet.
Thursday 17th JuneAlan Jones on MirthyThe Inside Story of the Human BodyTaking you on a fantastic journey of discovery inside and around your body. 100,000 heartbeats every day, bones stronger than concrete, nerve signals faster than a racing car, muscles that shake a leg, why colour is only skin deep, eyes that see everything upside down, a brain that forecasts your future, amazing medical cures and the germs that defeated science. You can’t live without it, so discover the amazing facts and surprising stories of your body.
Thursday 15th JulyTim Barney on MirthyMad Bad and DangerousThis entertaining talk is about military ideas, inventions and operations that in one way or another, failed to make the grade. Incompetence, haste and wishful thinking have all played their part, in some of the most scandalous failures in military history.
Thursday 19th AugustAlan Jones on MirthyIt’s Not What You SayEver wondered why you feel attracted to some people and avoid others? Most of us form an opinion about someone in just 90 seconds and rarely change our mind. But it is not based on the way people speak, or even what they say. Discover how Body Language speaks louder then words when we communicate with each other.

Previous Speaker:-

October 2019 Speaker .... Andy Smith.
For those of you who came along, thank you all for your support, it really is very much appreciated.

Just over 100 members enjoyed some wonderful anecdotes and songs from the brilliant and very talented Andy Smith.
When Andy finished with us in Brackley he had to dash off to a theatre in Malvern to put the finishing touches to a show he had written and produced. I'm told that the show was to run for two days and was completely 'sold out'.
He also works extremely hard for his chosen charities, a hospice in Rugby and 'Ovarian Cancer Research'.
Andy's wife died just last month from this terrible disease and although he and his whole family were obviously devastated he contacted me and said that he would still very much like to come along to entertain us.

What a truly inspirational man.

The September 2019 'Speaker' meeting
A huge 'thank you' to those of you who came along to our September meeting to hear our speaker, Alan Tumber.
Wasn't he good !
He could play the guitar, sing, tell some funny stories and recite some hilarious 'poems'.
Alan's last song, 'Only Remembered', from the show War Horse was so moving he brought tears to our eyes. He had yours truly in floods !
According to many of you Alan is one of the very best entertainers we've featured in Brackley.

For those of you who could not make the June 2019 meeting
The presenter was Graham Short a 'micro engraver' and an absolute genius at his art.
Graham, a colourful energetic speaker came all the way from the other side of Birmingham to see us.
What a character he was, with his yellow/black shoes and white jacket emblazoned with colourful flowers!
He shared some wonderful and very amusing anecdotes with us, including some lovely memories involving members of the Royal Family.
Graham has his own studio in The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, but as he works mainly from midnight to sunrise you probably won't see him at his bench!
Have a look online, you'll be amazed at what he does!