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To start 2022, see how much you remember from 2021!

This months quiz -Big Quiz of the Year 2021

1. Which ocean did the National Geographical magazine recognise as the fifth in the World in June 2021?
2. Who was awarded the National Farmers' Union prestigious "Farming Champion of the Year" award in October?
3. Following the death of Nicholas Parsons in January 2020, who was announced in July as the new compere of Radio 4's "Just a Minute"?
4. Which member of the Royal Family wrote the novel "Her Heart for a Compass" published by Mills and Boon in August?
5. The BBC's Sports Personality of the Year 2021 was 19 year old Emma Radacanu, but who was voted the Young Sports Personality?
6. What was the name of the political party founded by ex-SNP leader Alex Salmon to fight the Scottish elections?
7. What was the name of the ship that blocked the Suez Canal for six days in March 2021 causing havoc to shipments around the globe?
8. In September China announced a new policy under which under-18s would be limited in the time spent playing video games, how many hours per week is the new maximum?
9. 17 year old percussionist Fang Zhang became BBC Young Musician of the Year in May 2021, what instrument did he play in the final?
10. In April Rachael Blackmore became the first female jockey to win the Grand National, what was the name of her mount?
11. After the cancellation of the 2020 event, Eurovision 2021 was held in Rotterdam in May resulting in the Great British entry gaining "nil points". What was the name of the song that achieved this feat?
12. Where in London was £6m spent building a 25 metre hill?
13. Footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed during Denmark's opening match in the delayed Euro 2020 in June, who were their opponents in this match?
14. Who became the oldest person to fly into space when he completed the NS-18 mission operated by Blue Origin in October 2021?
15. Helen Whitelaw who lost her voice due to motor neurone disease had it reconstructed using a recording of which TV game show on which she had appeared two years previously?
16. In May British Prime Minister Boris Johnson married Carrie Symonds and became the first PM to marry whilst in office for almost 200 years. Who was the previous bridegroom?
17. In October BBC's "Songs of Praise" celebrated 60 years on air, which city hosted the first of nearly 3000 episodes?
18. Which football club did Ed Sheeran become shirt sponsor for the 2021-22 season?
19. Which country in September 2021 became the first in the World to accept Bitcoin as legal tender?
20. Which TV contest was won by Tom Rhodes in April 2021?
21. What was the title of the children's book published by the Duchess of Sussex in June 2021?
22. In which UK city was a bronze statue of Wallace and Gromit unveiled in September 2021?
23. What connects the Dresden Elbe Valley (2009), Oman's Arabian Oryx Sanctuary (2007) and Liverpool Maritime city(2021)?
24. Jill Murphy often described as one of the most engaging writers and illustrators for children in the land sadly passed away in August 2021, for what series of books is she most famous?
25. In March 2021 which country was declared the "Happiest in the World" for the fourth consecutive year?
26. Which country's women beach handball players were fined €1500 for wearing shorts that were too long at the European Championship in July 2021?
27. Announced in September 2021 what is AUKUS?
28. In November Glasgow hosted the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference known as COP26. Which city hosted COP1 in 1995?
29. Which rival did Colin the caterpillar take legal action against in April 2021?
30. In July ITV confirmed that "X-Factor" had been cancelled after 17 years, who was the winner of the last series in December 2018?
31. Who stepped down as chairman of TV news channel GB News three months after its launch?
32. What word was adopted by the OED as the Word of the Year 2021?
33. Which city began a self driving bus trial in May 2021 the first service of its kind in the UK running autonomously for 24 hours per day?
34. Who in April 2021 became the first Japanese winner of the US Masters golf tournament?
35. Composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim passed away aged 91 in November 2021, from which of his musicals did the following songs originate, (a) "Send in the Clowns", (b) "Comedy Tonight", (c) "Everything's Coming Up Roses", (d) "Losing my Mind" and (e) " No One is Alone"?
36. Two new London underground stations opened in September 2021, Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station, which line links them?
37. What sweet treat was in short supply in May 2021?
38. Footballers Ian St John and Jimmy Greaves both died in 2021, what was the name of their TV show that ran from 1985 to 1992?
39. Which eco-group was responsible for closing the M25 in September demanding action on climate change by the UK government?
40. Which 18 year old in May 2021 became the youngest solo artist to top both the UK singles and Album charts at the same time?
41. According to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2021, which is the most common bird in the UK?
42. Which Korean series became Netflix's most watched series to date in 2021?
43. Who features on the rear of the new £50 polymer note that was launched in June 2021?
44. What was the name of the alpaca that after testing positive for Bovine TB was euthanised in August?
45. Who scored the "Goal of the Tournament" in UEFA Euro 2020 after a sensational long-range 49 yard winner against Scotland?
46. After 243 years on the High Street which company closed its last store in May 2021?
47. After a period of ill health the Queen attended a double Royal christening in November 2021, who were the Royal babies?
48. Which city was voted the "Best City in the World" in a poll conducted by Time Out magazine in September 2021?
49. Who in May 2021 became the oldest golfer to win a Major?
50. In unseen tapes discovered in August 2021 who described fellow comedians Monty Python's Flying Circus as "boring" and "unprofessional"

Last Month's Quiz with Answers - It Happened on Christmas Day

1. King William I was crowned King of England on 25th December 1066, where did the ceremony take place? Westminster Abbey.
2. Famous for not wanting to work with children and animals, which actor died on Christmas Day 1946? W C Fields.
3. Which future hotelier and great-grandfather of Paris was born on 25th December 1887? Conrad Hilton.
4. Which river was famously crossed by Washington and his troops on Christmas night 1776, surprising the opposition forces on the other side? Delaware.
5. Bass player Noel Redding was born on Christmas Day in 1945, with which group is he mostly associated? Jim Hendrix Experience.
6. Which member of the "Rat Pack" died on 25th December 1995? Dean Martin.
7. Which future Egyptian President and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was born on 25th December 1918? Anwar Sadat.
8. Which British colony surrendered to Japanese troops on Christmas Day 1941? Hong Kong.
9. The inventor of the pin-tumbler lock used on many front doors died on Christmas Day 1868, what was his name? Linus Yale Jnr.
10. Sissy Spacek was born on 25th December 1945, for which movie did she win her Best Actress Oscar? The Coal Miner's Daughter.
11. Known as the "Godfather of Soul", which R&B artist passed away on Christmas Day 2006? James Brown.
12. Who resigned as President of the Soviet Union on Christmas night 1991? Michail Gorbachev.
13. Which British physicist, responsible for formulating the laws of motion, was born on Christmas Day 1642? Sir Isaac Newton.
14. On which Caribbean island was Columbus' ship "Santa Maria" run aground on Christmas Day 1492? Hispaniola (Haiti).
15. Known for his irreverent radio and TV shows which British DJ was born on 25th December 1944? Kenny Everett.
16. For which TV soap did actress Noele Gordon, born 25th December 1919, gain fame? Crossroads.
17. Famous for his "old tramp" routine which star of the silent screen passed away on Christmas Day 1977? Charlie Chaplin.
18. In which city did the US premiere of Handel's "Messiah" take place in 1818? Boston.
19. Which actor, born on Christmas Day in 1899, said the famous line "Here's looking at you, kid"? Humphrey Bogart.
20. Most famous for the Christmas song "Fairytale of New York", with which group did Shane MacGowan (born 25th December 1957) first find fame? The Pogues