Boston & District

Our Committee

This page is to give members and prospective members an idea into the running of Boston & District U3A. It shows members how they can participate and get involved. Boston & District U3A is a Registered Charity No. 1095865. It is run by an elected committee for the benefit of its members and is financed by members subscriptions.

The committee meets monthly to manage Boston & District U3A's activities in accordance with a written constitution. The Third Age Trust the national organisation for over 1,000 U3A's supports its work. The committee has very good links with other U3A's in Lincolnshire.

The Chairman would like to hear from members who would be interested in serving on the committee.

If you have questions or suggestions about the running of Boston & District U3A, there are several ways to bring them to the committees attention. Contact a committee member. you could do so at a monthly meeting. Another way is to put your idea into the suggestion box which is available at each monthly meeting.

Click on the BLUEBIRD on this page to send an E Mail to the Chairman.