Boldon & District


Please note that emails sent via Beacon will display the name of the sender plus via Boldon u3a and it MAY be directed to your junk/spam email. If you think you have missed an email, please check your spam before contacting the webmaster

Beacon is an online system to facilitate managing u3a membership. It helps u3a authorised users send emails to many selected individuals at the same time.

Beacon is accessed by an internet browser and can therefore be used on most computers, tablets and smartphones.

Currently in Boldon we are using this system for storing and updating membership details and for storing details of groups, including membership lists.

Over the next few days emails will be sent to individual members enabling them to update their own record, e.g. to add emergency contact details or change their own personal details.

This may be done by accessing this link to the Members Portal, more information can be found in How to access Beacon