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Committee Meeting May 2019

Meeting Report

The May 20th Committee Meeting, was the first meeting of new 2019/20 Committee.

The new committee met for the first time. It was decided that the Officer roles were , Rita as chairman, Andrew as Secretary with Sue remaining Treasurer, the Vice Chairmanship is Vacant at present, any volunteers?

Then the new Members joined the meeting and were Inducted with some U3A materials into much of the structure of a U3A Committee and being a Trustee as we are a Registered Charity.

Following that the vacancy of Membership Secretary was discussed. This year Paul Davis has become ineligible due to his time already served in that position.

For the avoidance of doubt about time in Committee roles “ Officers and Members of the Committee cannot serve more than 6 consecutive years, they cannot serve more than 3 years in a particular role within that 6 years, except for the position of Treasurer who may serve all of the 6 years in that role” recognising the specialism of Treasurer. Duncan Campbell had offered to cover this position and was to be co-opted onto the Committee to do this until the next AGM.

Related to the Membership Secretary position the Committee resolved to keep the U3A “Beacon” administration system under consideration for our use.

Chairman’s Report- See separate article.

The Treasurer reported that the BNB were financially sound at present. The Secretary said he has been getting to know the paperwork (requirements) and worked with some of our in house BNB publicity materials. The former Membership Secretary reported that we had 270 paid up members and 48 renewals in progress.

For a publicity drive a Sub-Committee was set up to work on an Open Day project in Nuneaton Centre. First Meeting of the Sub-Committee June 4th
Eight smaller business matters were dealt with in AOB and the meeting closed.
The next Committee is on July 1st which is open to other BNB members who have an agenda interest.

Chairman’s Report to the BNB May 2019

Following the AGM in April we held our first Committee meeting with our new set-up of 3 Officers and 4 Members. At the Committee meeting we allocated the Officer posts.
Chairman: Rita Ison Jacques; Secretary: Andrew Fox; Treasurer; Sue Quittenton
The Committee Members are: Bob Hill; Molly Evans; Lynn Keelly and Dave Bell.

We were still short of a Membership Secretary as Paul Davis had to stand down at the AGM because he had completed 7 years on the Committee as Membership Secretary. U3A rules and our constitution do not allow anyone to be a committee member for more than 6 consecutive years and Paul had done more than this. However, he had agreed to help the new person take on the role. At the Committee meeting the Members were asked if one of them would volunteer to take up the role. Unfortunately we could not twist any arms. However, Duncan Campbell had emailed Andrew Fox to say that if we couldn’t get a volunteer from the committee he would take on the role for this year. At the meeting we agreed to co-opt Duncan onto the committee with immediate effect.

The constitution voted on at the AGM was sent to our regional office and following a couple of minor amendments it was sent to the Charity Commission. They have advised us they want amendments to the final section which cover the process for dissolving our Trust if we should need or want to do so. We are now awaiting clarification on the points they raised as the regional office say the U3A has a special arrangement with the Charity commission, Once this has been done we will need to ratify the document again. The regional office has already said they want a copy of our completed constitution for help in guiding other U3As in the region.

We are also arranging a meeting for Group Leaders as they need to be updated on new forms and procedures to do with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

Finally I would like to thank the people who agreed to stand for the committee and I would also like to thank Andrew for the work he has carried out over the last few weeks as I was on holiday when the constitution was being communicated to National Office and the Charities Commission. Special thanks should also go Duncan Campbell for the vast amount of work he did in updating the constitution and standing orders.

20 May 2019.

A Call for Volunteers for the Social Group

Carole Smith, who does our social group organisation, wants to stand down after a long time doing a fantastic job in organising and arranging our excursions and visits. Again on behalf of the committee we would like to thank her for all her efforts and work she has done. She also will be badly missed.

If you feel you could help or would like to volunteer please contact Sue Quittenton.


Poetry Appreciation Group

The next meeting of the Poetry Appreciation Group is on Friday 31 May, when the topic is ‘Time’.


Local History Group

There will be no May meeting for the Local History Group as the last Monday in the month is a Bank Holiday. The June meeting will be learning about our Local Romans.

Free Library Service

We have been contacted by the Warwickshire Library and Information Service concerning their Home Delivery Service which is a free library service for those who are unable to visit their local or mobile library due to ill health and infirmity.

Volunteers call every four weeks with a selection of books based on customer preferences and they can stay and have a little chat with them about books and interests (as well as a lot of other things probably).
There is a link to a promotional flyer for further information and we will be having some leaflets made available at our monthly meeting.
It is a worthy and useful service and I urge those who have trouble getting to the library regularly to contact them on
01926 851031 or online at Library Website or email Library Email

Please Note: This service is for Warwickshire residents only. If you are from another county, then you will probably find that your own county provides a similar service.


Computer Group

New tech device? Older device not working well? Need some help to do something specific? Come along to the Computer Group for help at all levels!