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U3A Newsletter
The Trust is using the National Newsletter to keep members informed on the latest government advice converning coronavirus covid-19. It is also filled with information, stories and advice from across the U3A movement on how to keep safe and occupied during this difficult time.

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Update : recently received automatic voice alleging TSB account misuse - do not press any phone keys, hang up and contact your bank on another device!

With the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, criminals are playing on people’s confusion to try new scams. Many claim to offer services and products relating to Covid-19, to trick innocent customers into parting with personal information and their money. So here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

Scams to look out for

Purchase scams offer protective equipment, sanitising products and other desirable goods for sale, that you will never receive. Be careful paying for anything via bank transfer and only buy goods from reputable companies that you know and trust.

Smishing is sending text messages that appear to come from a trustworthy source like the UK government or even your own doctor which try to steal personal or financial information. If you doubt the text’s authenticity, don't click links. Visit www.gov.uk to check any information given. Verify an organisation’s phone number from their website or from old printed correspondence.

Phishing is sending emails which try to make you divulge sensitive personal or financial information. They may appear to be Covid-19 tax refunds, reimbursements from travel bookings, safety advice via email and even donation requests. Fraudsters will try to make you click on links that aren't safe. So think before you click. If in doubt, then don't click. And don’t open any attachments from senders that you don’t know. If you’re still worried, talk to family, friends or someone else you trust.

Vishing is unsolicited phone calls. Always be suspicious of ‘cold-callers’. Don’t be afraid to challenge them or hang up if you can’t verify the caller. Banks, police etc. will never ask for security information, so never give out personal details. If you’re concerned, call the organisation back on the number listed on their website, ideally on a different phone as criminals can sometimes keep the line open. Or if it’s your bank, use the number on the back of your card.

What to do if you’ve been caught out

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or given away more information than you wanted to, please contact YOUR BANK as soon as possible. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


The BNB U3A Committee met today to discuss the escalating infection rate with the Coronavirus (Covid -19) and the advice given by the Government on 16th March 2020.

It was agreed we would follow the Government’s advice and all Groups will suspend their meetings/gatherings until at least the 30 April 2020. The Monthly meeting for April 2020 will not take place and theatre outings etc. are also cancelled.

We will review the situation during the second part of April and will provide an update by 30 April. We are very sorry to have to take this action but are sure you appreciate the need for care with peoples’ health and safety and the need to try and delay the spread of the virus which will continue for several months.

Group Leaders will be kept informed and should be contacted if you have any queries or concerns and they will be able to help. If they are not available you can contact Rita Ison Jacques 024 7631 4884. The Group Leaders’ meeting scheduled for 23 March is now cancelled.

The AGM scheduled for May could also be affected. However, the Committee agreed to continue with the procedures needed to have the AGM on the off chance it may go ahead. More information on this will be provided in April.

In order to help you with any queries links to useful websites have been provided on the BNB U3A Website.

May I wish you good health during the months ahead.
Kind Regards
Rita Ison Jacques
BNB U3A Chairman.

Committee Notices


U3A NATIONAL DAY on 3June 2020.
The National Day is under review at the moment due to the current health issues, further guidance will be given closer to the time.

We plan to hold the AGM in May 2020. This is a change from the last few years but will give people more time to see the Treasurer’s Report before the meeting. I will be standing down as Chair as my time to be a Committee member is coming to an end. We can only serve 6 years before we are compelled to stand down. Thus we will be looking for a new Chairman and committee members.
Sue Quittenton’s 6 year tem comes to an end next year so we will be looking for a new treasurer then.
I would ask people to consider standing for office as wee cannot have a U3A without a committee. More information on this subject will be included in monthly meetings until the AGM. If anyone is unsure they can shadow a committee member to see if the roles are something they might consider doing in the future. Sue Quittenton did this before she became Treasurer.

The annual subscriptions will be due on 31 March and Paul will be sending out the renewal forms within the next few weeks. Anyone who has not paid their subscription by 30 April will be deemed to no longer be a member. Only members can attend/vote at the AGM.


Social Events

A Call for Volunteers for the Social Group

If you are prepared to propose and organise any single visit, please call Sue to arrange, thanks.

If you feel you could help or would like to volunteer please contact Sue Quittenton.


New Constitution

Amended Constitution
Thank you all those who attended and voted at the SGM. The amended constitution has been adopted and is now accepted as valid by the Charity Commission. A copy has also been sent to U3A office to be used as a model for other U3As.
The Committee.