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Psychological Well-being

Some thoughts by the Chairman
It is my experience that retirement does not always follow the soft focus sunny life-style seen on the TV with no worries, perfect grandchildren, gardens full of roses, and a long golden life stretching ahead. That is not to say that there are not periods of enjoyment and relaxation but life is not that kind to any of us.

Inevitably there will be times of stress, loneliness, with the sun disappearing, grey clouds gathering and the occasional drizzle starting and it is at times like this that some help other than retail therapy or a chat with a friend is needed.

The BNB U3A has been contacted by a NHS group that has been set up in Nuneaton to cope with such periods of stress and difficulty. They are called The Coventry and Warwickshire Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service. The Service (based in Nuneaton), shortened to IAPT, is aimed at people who are feeling stressed, anxious, low in mood, or depressed. You could be referred to this group by your GP or you can book an initial appointment directly.

We are arranging for a presentation from this NHS group and also looking to set up a stress workshop. We will try to fit this into our programme at the earliest opportunity. However if you would like some more immediate information then
the IAPT website address is IAPT Website and Facebook page IAPT Facebook

Individuals can self-refer to the service by calling 02476 671090 so this can be done anonymously. Pamphlet in Links >>




We would like to encourage photographers, artists and all members to submit suitable photos for the Home page. This to be periodically changed to reflect seasons, events or just great pictures.
The CommitteeEmail will accept all submissions.


The committee has pleasure in bringing to your attention details of new interest groups and notice of repeats of two old ones.

New Interest Group Notice - Traveller's Tales
New Interest Group Notice - Ancient Roman History
New Interest Group Notice - British History Part 1
New Interest Group Notice - Ancient Greek History
New Interest Group Notice - Cribbage

At this stage we are interested in who would like to join any of these groups ,if there is not enough interest they will not take place.

Read about these courses and if you are interested make the appropriate contact, where your interest will be recorded. Please note this is an advance warning only and details on venue, frequency and other aspects will wait until numbers are known.

Click on the LINKS on the GROUPS page for details.


Many of you will have been have been inundated with e-mails and letters from companies telling you all about GDPR – or as its better known the new law on data protection. We at BNB U3A have also fallen into the machine of new law changes and need to let you know how we deal with your personal data (addresses, telephone Nos, e-mails etc.) to conform to this new law. Some of the committee members have been on the requisite courses and have brought back sheaves of regulations, interpretations, examples and instructions and with a diligence, that only I can wonder at, have reduced the documents down into something that suits our little organisation.

Rather than send you all a copy we have revised our policies on Data Protection and Privacy, and these are on the Documents and Membership Pages.It is important for you to understand that we are conforming to the law and looking after your interests.

If you have any concerns or wish to know more then read the document or get in touch with either Paul Davis or Rita Ison-Jacques (our resident experts) who can give you more information on this subject.
There is also an external LINK on the right to a more detailed explanation.

The data supplied to group leaders under the ICE procedure (In Case of Emergency) is also changing and the group leaders will be informed directly about those new requirements.


The committee is re-examining its internal procedures and one of the first issues concerns requests for funding from interest groups. All interest groups have the right to request funding in support of their declared activities from the committee. To ensure that this is carried out in a fair and reasonable way it is introducing a procedure for a group to request money for an associated activity. On the Documents page you will now find an application form and a set of notes to help you apply for this money.

Read these notes and if your group could do with some equipment or financial support, get your group to agree it, and your group leader to fill out a form and apply. Or contact anyone on the committee who will help you with this process.


This short piece is intended to give our membership a precis of the committee meeting held on the 15th September. The full approved minutes of the meeting are available from the Secretary.

Meeting Dated 15th October

As usual the minutes from the previous meeting were checked and agreed after any necessary corrections/amendments. Matters arising dealt with.
The Chairman's report covered :-
1. policy development regarding membership and its annual renewal protocols.,
2. Modifications and direction of Manifesto commented on.
3. structures for Interest Groups Fees discussed, regarding our present methods and the "rules" of the Third Age Trust where there is apparently only a "simple" binary choice of directions available.
4. regarding printing quotes for publicity materials
5. regarding contacting interest group leaders with telephone numbers and/or email addresses to facilitate communication, ideally for everyone as there are still many people without the Internet route. Also the confidentiality issues and regulations involved.

Vice Chair Report
Described the quick implementation and development of the new website after its approval at the last Committee meeting, The site has been completed and developed further, the old site has closed down and much work has occurred to inform the membership. There has been considerable feedback about the clarity and easy navigability of the site. Blind Email forwarding to committee members and group contacts has been maintained and developed by continuing to use the old domain name site.
More discussion on the funding of groups with a study of some U3A advice notes
Who does what update by Secretary, but not completely finished as its an evolving issue.
AOB was mostly covered by the above items and some things were briefly revisited for clarification.
Next meetings, 19th November, and 17th December at 2:00pm Hatters space, members are welcome to attend with issues after contact with the Chair

Next Meeting 19th October at 2:00 Hatter’s Space, Nuneaton