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U3A Third Age Trust 2020 AGM

Please see below a summary of the outcomes from the recent U3A UK AGM.

The Third Age Trust 2020 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting on 29 September was an historic event for the Trust. Over the past four years we have been working to widen participation and include as many participants as possible in the business of the AGM. We have streamed the last three AGMs but on 29th September we held our first ever Virtual AGM . U3As joined us remotely from all over the United Kingdom, to hear the debate and vote on the business of the day.

Aside from the normal business of the AGM to hear the Annual Report and receive the statutory accounts, the membership was also voting on a change to the membership fee and welcoming new trustees to the Board.
The membership fee had not been debated since 2008 when an AGM agreed to change it to £3.50 per member. As agreed the Trust did not implement that increase until 2010. This year there was a successful Board resolution to increase the membership fee to £4.00 with effect from 2022. An amendment which suggested that it should take effect in 2023 failed, as did a resolution to increase the membership fee to £4.50. Both resolutions and the amendment were supportive of the work of the Trust and our U3A movement, and they all took account of the strength of the U3A movement and the challenges that the Covid-19 had set us. We are enclosing the results with this mailing. A further mailing will come out in the coming weeks with detail of the debate and the questions and answers relating to all of the resolutions at the AGM.

We welcome Barbara Cordina, East of England Trustee, Neil Stevenson, North West Trustee, Susie Berry, South East Trustee, Susan Parker, South West Trustee, Allan Walmsley, West Midlands Trustee and Margaret Fiddes, Yorkshire and the Humber Trustee who were elected as new trustees to the board from their respective regions, and John Bent who was re-elected for a further year from London.

The Trust is thankful for your support. Every member in every U3A makes the U3A strong and everyone’s opinion matters. We have had a year that has been challenging, where U3A member has supported U3A member during lockdown, where the Trust and U3As have worked together to keep the movement strong and vibrant. We know that the U3A movement will be needed as never before as we continue to face the challenges that Covid-19 has thrown us, we journey through winter and begin the Spring of recovery. You have told us what you want to achieve for the movement, what you want for U3As and your members. We will continue to work with you to build that future together.

Chair of the Third Age Trust, Ian McCannah

Monthly Meeting

Urgent Committee Request

The committee urgently need a volunteer to be BNB U3A Treasurer. The current Treasurer will provide a shadowing support before starting. Without a Treasurer the BNB U3A cannot operate so this is critical for the future of our U3A

Latest Group Meeting Advice

We have received updated advice from U3A Central , this is shown below, the required assessment forms are also linked.
Group Advice 14092020

Activity Assessment
Day of Use
Personal Assessment
Venue Risk

Groups & Meetings Updates

Rambling Group
The Ramblers are are now taking walks in a Covid compliant manner as advised by the Ramblers Association. Please contact Paul to express interest & with suggestions.

Computer Group - Meetings now resumed

Tuesdays at 10:00 in Bermuda Phoenix, plus regular weekly video conference to discuss any issues with computers, tablets, smartphones or any other technology issues. Plus some friendly banter thrown in. Contact here for an invite >> Dave

Ukulele Group now resumed meetings at Bermuda Phoenix
Tuesdays at 10:00 , bring a mask, your own hand gel and any refreshments.

IT Training Courses

How are your IT skills?

Would you like to use your computer/smartphone/tablet to communicate more effectively with your friends, family and other U3A members, both during and after the lockdown?
Are you in one of the U3A special interest groups such as family history, and want to know how to use your computer for research?
Would you like to use your computer for shopping but don’t know where to start?
Are you worried about computer security and do you want to learn about how to do online shopping/banking safely?
Have you got a new Smart Phone but you don’t know what it does beyond making phone calls and texts?
Do you want to know how to edit and organise all the photos you have on your phone?

BNB U3A wants to help you!!!

BNB U3A have formed a committee of members who are tasked with planning an IT training programme for those who would like to be involved. We have a number of volunteers who are proficient in IT skills and we want to share our skills with those who need it. Because of the current lockdown restrictions, we are not able to have face-to-face sessions at present, so we have devised some other ways of helping you:

A. Website links to technology guides on a large number of topics, that you can browse and learn at your own pace
B. Sign up to a series of emails that will guide you through some technology guides in a structured way
C. Face-to-face sessions via video meetings
D. Web-based/phone support desk for individual support

Do you want to be involved? Link Here >>> NEW - IT Training Info


Committee Notices


Group Leaders will be kept informed and should be contacted if you have any queries or concerns and they will be able to help. If they are not available you can contact the committee members via the Contacts Page. The Group Leaders’ meeting scheduled for 23 March is now cancelled.

Committee Support
We are looking for new committee members.

Sue Quittenton’s 6 year term comes to an end next year so are looking for a new treasurer then, and need someone to shadow Sue this year.

If anyone is unsure they can shadow a committee member to see if the roles are something they might consider doing in the future

U3A Newsletter
The Trust is using the National Newsletter to keep members informed on the latest government advice converning coronavirus covid-19. It is also filled with information, stories and advice from across the U3A movement on how to keep safe and occupied during this difficult time.

Visit the U3A website to sign up for a regular email newsletter here >> U3A Newsletter


Social Events

All Social Events are suspended until further notice

AGM 16th June 2020

Provisional Minutes of Meeting
AGM 2020 Minutes

Departing Chairmans Report
During the last year, 2019/20, we have seen a few changes within our U3A. After a couple of amendments to our constitution the Charities Commission finally agreed to our wording and after a vote by us the constitution came into force.

We saw the loss of 2-3 groups during the year because of a lessening of interest in some of the subject matters and the ageing profile of those groups. However, other groups did well and we saw an increase in membership of approximately 7%. We had planned to join the U3A promotional day but the Corona virus caused that to be cancelled. Other promotional events brought in only a small number of new members but we continue to push BNB U3A as much as we can.

The Corona virus has caused a great deal of disruption to our organisation – as it has to the country as a whole. Unfortunately we will not be able to have any face to face group sessions until the Government gives us the go ahead and venues open up again. Please let me assure you we will carry out risk assessments before opening up face to face meetings and ensure any social distancing is adhered to.

Some groups are making full use of the IT facilities available to them. The Computer and the Bridge groups are doing very well and we are looking to use more IT facilities where possible.

Before closing I would like to thank the Committee for their work during this last year and for the support they have given me in my role as Chairman. I would also like to wish everyone good health and hope you avoid the virus.


1 - Track and Trace telephone scam - asking for payment card details - DO NOT give these, this service is FREE!
2 - 'Government' Coronavirus tax refund scam - offering cash, DO NOT click any links or reply, just delete!
3 - recently received automatic voice alleging TSB account misuse - do not press any phone keys, hang up and contact your bank on another device!

With the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, criminals are playing on people’s confusion to try new scams. Many claim to offer services and products relating to Covid-19, to trick innocent customers into parting with personal information and their money. So here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

Scams to look out for
Email Spoofing
We have had some Members have their email accounts hacked such that they appear to send you a message, if you reply you then get a request for money or gift cards. I received one today! (24/04). Don't send anything and inform the 'sender' if you can.

Purchase scams offer protective equipment, sanitising products and other desirable goods for sale, that you will never receive. Be careful paying for anything via bank transfer and only buy goods from reputable companies that you know and trust.

Smishing is sending text messages that appear to come from a trustworthy source like the UK government or even your own doctor which try to steal personal or financial information. If you doubt the text’s authenticity, don't click links. Visit www.gov.uk to check any information given. Verify an organisation’s phone number from their website or from old printed correspondence.

Phishing is sending emails which try to make you divulge sensitive personal or financial information. They may appear to be Covid-19 tax refunds, reimbursements from travel bookings, safety advice via email and even donation requests. Fraudsters will try to make you click on links that aren't safe. So think before you click. If in doubt, then don't click. And don’t open any attachments from senders that you don’t know. If you’re still worried, talk to family, friends or someone else you trust.

Vishing is unsolicited phone calls. Always be suspicious of ‘cold-callers’. Don’t be afraid to challenge them or hang up if you can’t verify the caller. Banks, police etc. will never ask for security information, so never give out personal details. If you’re concerned, call the organisation back on the number listed on their website, ideally on a different phone as criminals can sometimes keep the line open. Or if it’s your bank, use the number on the back of your card.

What to do if you’ve been caught out

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or given away more information than you wanted to, please contact YOUR BANK as soon as possible. It’s better to be safe than sorry.