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New Bridge Course

Think you’d like to give Bridge a try?
Course Materials £27.50

Drop in for a FREE TASTER SESSION on Friday 20th September. For BEGINNERS and/or RETURNERS.

We’re a well established, friendly group Fridays - 1.15pm to 4.15pm at St Nicolas Church Centre
New players are very welcome Weekly Fee £2

For more INFORMATION or to book a place - Contact zellastorey@gmail.com

Sub-Committee Meetings

Publicity Sub-Committee - 8/07/19

The working party on publicity remit is to grow the membership and to increase existing member activity within BNBU3A. This is projected to be achieved by more and improved publicity of BNB circulating within the borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth and within BNB U3A itself. Flyers of various sizes and small pamphlets exist for all Interest Groups and social activities and we seek to place them in many local community sites which retirees frequent.
From the previous meeting all sub-committee members gathered information about sites we could place publicity with in the area of the “Borough “ they lived in, for example Wilko have a board for postcard size information and the Libraries will take A4 and A5 posters/flyers. Now we will print our own materials and distribute them around.
A big activity is planned to be a stall on Nuneaton Wednesday market , maybe in September, where members of BNB U3A leaflet and interact with the community about what a U3A and BNB in particular can do in their lives.
We ask for Group Leader and member volunteers to “man” the stall and helpers who are keen and able to produce the sort of IT materials needed.
Come and join us and release your inner Del-Boy alter-ego if you like!! I know I will.
It could be such fun, and Rita promises good weather……..

Andrew Fox Secretary

Group Leaders Meeting - 15/07/19

The Group Leaders, or their representatives from their groups, met with the Committee Officers for a briefing on new paperwork required in running their group. This involved GDPR legislation, Group Leader Handbooks, ICE forms and Register procedures, with time to discuss and issues groups may have. In the Chairman’s capable hands it was nowhere near as turgid as it might sound!
The new slimmed down GL Handbook was welcomed by group Leaders. GDPR is really just common sense about how we would like information about ourselves and others to be handled, ie lightly and as little as possible, whilst providing a structure for our communications that satisfies legislation. Register procedures also provide structure to our duty of care to members and satisfy U3A/ Charity Status. ICE forms are “In Case of Emergency” and will help Group Leaders and the BNB generally to deal with problems correctly and sensitively.
The Art 1 group said they had some existential issues and the Chairman will look into it, and Art Appreciation asked about managing a “Field Trip”. It was also highlighted that not all Group venues had obvious Incident Books and that even near misses should be recorded………NB writing stuff down is insurance, and always leave a paper trail!
Finally all groups were given a full set of pamphlets about all the BNB activities so that their groups could know all about other activities we offer our members (produced by Publicity sub-committee which also met recently).

Andrew Fox Secretary



Please let Sue know your preferred date

GLEBEGATE RESTAURANT, Nuneaton College, Hinckley Road, Nuneaton, CV11 6BH

Traditional Christmas Lunch – soup, turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding, coffee and mince pies – in the training restaurant at Nuneaton College prepared and served by students training for a career in the catering and hospitality industry.

Please indicate your preferred date and we’ll go with the majority or when the College can accommodate us.

Cost: c£13.00 per person
Payment by cheque payable to BNB U3A Social Account welcome , Contact: Sue


Hearing Dogs Speakers' Thanks

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to the members of U3A Bedworth , we were made very welcome and really enjoyed sharing time with everyone. We also hope you had a good, relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

I would like to thank everyone for the total of £92.61, a combination of your generous donation of £50.00 and individual contributions placed in the collecting box amounting to £42.61. Thank you all so much. Rest assured that every penny goes to training dogs for needy recipients.

I know that HD Grace really enjoyed showing you all a little of how she helps me – perhaps it’s all the extra fuss she gets! I was slightly concerned about the highly polished floor but thought she coped very well.
Take care

Merleen and HD Grace

Committee Meeting 1st JULY 2019

Meeting Report

Six members/officers were present with one apology. AF, SQ. RIJ, DB, ME & BH attending, LK apologies.
The committee meeting minutes of 20/05/19 were scrutinised and proof read. Typos and errors were agreed and corrected for the record.

In matters arising it was stated that there was still a vacancy for Membership Secretary. Dave Bell was Proposed, Seconded and voted into the role where he will work with an experienced depute. A sub-group will be set up to look into updating and streamlining the job with the bespoke U3A software “Beacon”, if appropriate, to include Membership, Finance and Webmaster.

Bob Hill has taken on the role of Speaker Secretary since the previous meeting.

Briefly the Chairman, Rita, reported on moving forward with meetings of the Publicity Sub-Committee and preparing for a Group Leaders Meeting. To have a local recruitment drive and to inform the Group Leaders about relevant new paperwork.

The Secretary reported on moving along with some publicity ideas and how the situation between the U3A and the Charity Commission was regarding the new BNB constitution was moving along ( slowly!)

The Treasurer reported that finances on track and good.

The new Membership Secretary reported that most renewal activity had now taken place and that anyone not having renewed by the 30th June is now a Non-Member and will have to rejoin, if they wish to be part of the activities of the BNB U3A . It was decided that new procedures would be developed in managing ongoing annual membership renewal, also, that recently we have taken in 4 new members.

It was flagged up that there is now a Publicity sub-committee planning some publicity and recruiting initiatives, and that “In Touch” “Biz” and “The Local Rock” were all local community publications that we could advertise in either cheaply or for free.

BH reported that he was in dialogue with an Atherstone choir about a Christmastime show from/with them at MM , with the Ukulele Band as a back up situation.

SQ reported that the Social Club had some interest in members helping out with booking events on a one at a time basis, to spread the workload. Also Sue is hoping to get a Christmas Lunch going at the local college catering department. More on that at next MM.

Warwickshire University & British Science Festival Events

Warwickshire University are hosting a number of Family Days and Science Events in September.
Science Festival Family Days


A Call for Volunteers for the Social Group

If you are prepared to propose and organise any single visit, please call Sue to arrange, thanks.

If you feel you could help or would like to volunteer please contact Sue Quittenton.


Free Library Service

We have been contacted by the Warwickshire Library and Information Service concerning their Home Delivery Service which is a free library service for those who are unable to visit their local or mobile library due to ill health and infirmity.

Volunteers call every four weeks with a selection of books based on customer preferences and they can stay and have a little chat with them about books and interests (as well as a lot of other things probably).
There is a link to a promotional flyer for further information and we will be having some leaflets made available at our monthly meeting.
It is a worthy and useful service and I urge those who have trouble getting to the library regularly to contact them on
01926 851031 or online at Library Website or email Library Email

Please Note: This service is for Warwickshire residents only. If you are from another county, then you will probably find that your own county provides a similar service.


Computer Group

New tech device? Older device not working well? Need some help to do something specific? Come along to the Computer Group for help at all levels! Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones all are welcome.