Bulkington Nuneaton & Bedworth

AGM 2020

The 2020 AGM was held on June 16TH at 14:00 via the ZOOM teleconference system.

Provisional Minutes of Meeting
AGM 2020 Minutes

Interim Report

The outgoing Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and confirmed the number of members attending provided a quorum. The Chairman explained that we were online for the AGM as we had ceased Face to Face meetings since 17/03/20 in accordance with Government advice about the Corona-Virus Pandemic. The Chairman went on to say that this Online type of Meeting for the AGM is sanctioned by both the Charity Commission and the National U3A . She then outlined the procedures and format of the meeting.

Apologies for absence
These were received from 2 people.
John Trehy , Lorna Trehy

Approval of the Minutes of the 16h AGM held on 16th April 2019
This was carried unanimously.

Matters arising from last year’s meeting
There were no matters from the previous meeting.

Chairman’s report of activities for the year 2019/20
The outgoing Chairman presented a report on the previous year, this will be detailed in the agreed minutes.

Receiving and accepting the independently examined accounts for 2019/2020.
The Treasurer, Sue Quittenton, thanked everyone for keeping the attendance sheets in such good order, and for keeping all the correspondence/payment links during the year.

People agreed they had seen the Financial Statement, which is for unaudited accounts, Sue explained she had not been able to meet with the Accountant because of the current Coronavirus situation. This will be rectified as soon as possible and the Statement will then be presented to the first Monthly Meeting after the audit.

Approval the appointment of an Independent Examiner for next year’s accounts.
Brian Bannister has agreed again to examine this and next year’s accounts.
Agreed unanimously

Appointment of Committee Officers and Committee Members
The Chairman explained that under the constitution volunteers could be sought if insufficient committee members had been proposed, this was the case. Volunteers were presented, and voted upon.
The Chairman then asked if the meeting would accept these people. It was agreed.

Dave Bell . Agreed unanimously
Sue Quittenton. Agreed unanimously
Andrew Fox. Agreed unanimously

Lynn Keeley Agreed unanimously
Molly Evans. Agreed unanimously
Robert Hill. Agreed unanimously
Judith Perkins Agreed unanimously

The Chairman also appealed for volunteers for future Treasurer and Membership Secretary as shadows for them this year to learn the job. No one volunteered at present.

Other matters were discussed and the AGM 2021 date agreed. Details will be in the issued Minutes when prepared.