Useful info.

The links that appear on this page from time to time are intended to provide easy access to useful information on cyber crime, scams and such like plus transport and Highways related items.

It will also contain a range of hopefully useful information on some other topics.

Please use the link on the right.

The most recent additions are the link to EFAS which gives information on some of the current scams that re in operation, this being provided via The Essex and Kent Serious Crime Directorate / Essex Fraud Alert System


A notice regarding CHANGES to the Chelmsford area Park and Ride concessions. This will interest anyone using the service including any co-ordinators that plan trips involving the use of the PARK AND RIDE SERVICE.

EFAS as far as we are aware does not have a public web site, however mention is made in some of the documents about the ACTIONFRAUD web site which gives details of the various scams and frauds in operation.

It explains what they are at the bottom of the home page and there is also a tab (click and select A-Z of frauds) which gives advice on how to deal with them (Prevention tab) and has a News tab which shows the latest alert. Click on that alert to see other recent ones.

Click on Actionfraud police web site to follow the link.

CORONAVIRUS / COVID 19 there are now three links to information regarding this subject one deals with the symptoms and the other with more general advice on the matter along with the initial advice issued on 3rd March.