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The links that appear on this page from time to time are intended to provide easy access to useful information on cyber crime, scams and such like plus transport and Highways related items.

It will also contain a range of hopefully useful information on some other topics.

Please use the link on the right and also the ones listed in the body of the page, these are being added here where there are frequent updates as they can be shown in date order with the most recent at the top of the list.

EFAS refers to information being provided via The Essex and Kent Serious Crime Directorate / Essex Fraud Alert System


Some information accessible from this page covers SCAMs related to the current COVID-19 situation; for more information please see the CORONAVIRUS page where links to advise from the various agencies involved will be found.

There are two links to setting up Zoom which some of out groups are using to hold meetings online. One version covers Tablets and Phones the other covers Windows and Mac PCs.


This provides an overview of the ONS documents regarding the forthcoming census with a view to reminding and helping people who may struggle completing the Census form on-line or on paper.

20210214 Bitcoin scams
As the name suggests advise from Action Fraud re Bitcoin Scams

20201207 Improve your cyber security
6 tips to make you safer on line

20201204 Cyber Security what happens
Please take a look at this and if you feel that your are receiving any kind of scam messages please report them as it will hopefully reduce the volume of messages.

20201204 Free computer courses
This could be useful for anyone who feels a little nervous about using their PC or device for thing maybe slightly outside their comfort zone.

Details about fraudsters using Instagram to deprive victims of their money.

20200727National Phishing Warning
Please read the details so that you can avoid scam emails that appear to come from friends.

20200718 One line shopping Action Fraud
Advice from Action Fraud about shopping on line worth a read

20200710 EFAS Sim-Swap Fraud advice

20200617 Action for Fraud advice

20200531 Essex Police re track & trace
Advice from Essex Police on what to look out for if/when contacted by anyone claiming to be part of the NHS Trace and Trace Team

20200519 U3A source fraud message
More details of frauds being carried out as supplied by the Essex Associon of U3A/Police fraud teams

20200501 Essex Police delivery scams

20200422 ROCU Fraud message ROCU is the Regional Organised Crime Unit