In view of the number of updates and other information in circulation regarding COVID-19 [the Coronavirus] we have made a dedicated page that will contain links to various sources of information that may be available.

It is hoped this will make things easier to find instead of hunting for links in the USEFUL INFO page.

Please note that we are going to third party web-sites via various links we have been provided with and it must be borne in mind that the links to some the pages may show things like 'page removed or not available'.

This will tend to happen where the site owner that holds the page has removed it perhaps because it is out of date but another web site providing a link to that page may not be aware of the change or has not yet managed to remove their link to the missing page.


GOV UK FAQ What we can/can not do

Following this undated link will take you to the current FAQ page about what we can and can't do under the current regulations and recommendations

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20200507 ECC Coronavirus update

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