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This page is for matters relating to the administration of Bishop's Stortford U3A
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If you are a UK income tax payer and a BSU3A member, and have not already done so, perhaps you would print the Gift Aid Form and return it completed, to the Treasurer.
Replacement of lost membership cards will cost £5.


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Document PD1 is the Constitution (2022) for Bishop's Stortford U3A.
Document PD1a are Standing Orders, it is recommended these are read in conjunction with the Constitution.
Document PD2 for an application Form to join Bishop's Stortford U3A please go to Contact page and request form from Membership Secretary.
Document PD2a is the Gift Aid Form that Members paying income tax can fill in, to enable your U3A to claim Gift aid on your membership contribution.
Document PD3 is a copy of Bishop's Stortford U3A Data Protection Policy v1.2.
Document PD3a Bishop's Stortford U3A Personal Data Access, Correction and Deletion Policy.
Document PD3a-1 -Appendix 1 Personal Data Access, Correction and Deletion Policy.
Document PD3a-2 -Appendix 2 Personal Data Access, Correction and Deletion Policy.
Document PD3b Personal Data Breach Handling and Notification Policy.
Document PD4 is the Policy to cover Contributions for Lifts relating to U3A activities.
Document PD5 the U3A movement does not generally support the use of Paid Tutors to run interest groups.
Document PD6 interest groups can make an Application for grant from money set aside each year, for this purpose.
Document PD6a is Form for Grants for those wishing to apply for a grant.
Document PD7 Walking Policy (ed2) has been produced for our U3A walking groups.
Document PD8 an Accident Report Form should be completed in the event of all accidents.
Document PD9 the U3A Trust uses some of our annual membership fee for Insurance, this is the 2021 Insurance Certificate regarding this.
Document PD10 guide lines for Coach Trips and Self-Drive Trips.
Document PD10a Important details for Coach trips, covers what is required of those going on outings.
Document PD10b Trip Income Expenditure Form is for the trip organiser to complete.
Document PD11 Reserve Policy lays out the target cash reserves our U3A aims for.
Document PD12 Volunteer Policy answers questions you may have regarding volunteering.
Document PD13 lays out the Complaints Policy for B.S. U3A.
Document PD14 is the Safeguarding Policy and Procedure for B.S. U3A.
Document PD15 covers Useful Policy Statements on investments, investment groups and equal opportunities.
Document PD16 covers Code of Conduct for General Members.
Document PD17 covers Conflict of Interest.
Document PD18 covers Risk Management.
Document PD19 Covers Privacy Policy for B.S. U3A.

The above documents have been added over a period of time resulting in the order being somewhat confusing, the following may be of help: -

Group and Outing Guidance -- 5,6,6a,7,10,10b
Finance, Insurance and Accidents -- 1,1a,2a,8,9,9a,10b,11,15
Data Protection, Safeguarding -- 3,3a,3a-1,3a-2,3b,14,17,18,19
General -- 2,4,10a,12,13,16