Bishop`s Stortford

1.Notes on Outings/Trips

Outings & Trips

Unless they are related to a particular Group or Groups, these will be first bookable in person at the monthly meeting.

Please note that for any activity which requires payment you should pay the Group Leader/Organiser. To ensure your place on trips activities etc. payment must be made when you book. When you put your name on a clip board always remember to print your name, include your phone number and note where you intend to join the coach.

Should you change your mind about where you wish to join the coach you must advise the Organiser.

Please inform the Organiser if you wish to withdraw from a waiting list or are unable to go on a trip. Monies will only be refunded if the Organiser is able to fill your place.

The money you pay for the trip includes a tip for the driver of the coach.

The U3A Trust arrange insurance to cover, Tour Operators Liability, Public Liability and Charity Trustee Assurance.