Bishop`s Stortford

2.Lifts and Refreshments

Contributions for Lifts to U3A Events/Meeting in a Members Car

These lifts are not considered to be a favour but a "business arrangement" and it is expected that Members will offer the driver an amount of money to help towards the petrol. In view of the escalating price of petrol the Committee has decided that it is time the previous suggested amounts be increased and suggest that the following tariff is not unreasonable.

For current rates see PD4 under ADMIN.

The Committee, Trip Organisers and Group Leaders do not arrange lifts. It is the responsibility of the Member requiring the lift to make his/her own arrangements. If parking permits are issued by a host the Member should reimburse him/her.

Home Refreshments

A £0.50 donation is recommended for refreshments of tea and biscuits if a group meets in a U3A Members home. This should be varied by agreement within the group.