Bishop's Cleeve

Why is it called the U3A

When U3As first began, the word “University” (“U”) was used in its original sense of people coming together to share and pursue learning in all its forms. But don’t be put off by the word; we don’t require any academic qualifications and we don’t award them, nor do we have exams or tests! We are just a community of people interested in learning new things and having fun together. We don’t have students; we have members and you will never be forced to do anything.
The “3” stood for “Third Age”, i.e. what comes after the First Age (childhood, youth & formal education) and the Second Age (a period of the active adult, either in a career or in raising a family). There is no age threshold in the U3A; if you have moved on to the Third Age, you are in! It is that word ‘together’ that makes us different. We believe in getting involved and doing things together, not sitting quietly in rows, whilst an expert tells us how things are done!