Bishop's Cleeve

Policies and Procedures

GDPR Privacy Policy

Bishop's Cleeve U3A requires members to provide their personal information so that you can be kept informed about events and activities that are offered as part of your membership.
In collecting your information our U3A will:

  • Store it securely;
  • Use it to communicate with you as a U3A member;
  • Share your information with Lead Contacts for those Interest Groups that you are a current or prospective member of;
  • If you are a Group Leader, share your information with current or prospective members of that Interest Group;
  • Send you general information about the Third Age Trust (The Third Age Trust is the National Organisation to which all U3As are affiliated).

You consent to your data being shared with other Bishop's Cleeve U3A members and the Third Age Trust for U3A purposes.


All members must:

  • Abide by the Principles of the U3A movement.
  • Act in the best interests of the U3A and never do anything to bring the U3A into disrepute.
  • Abide by the terms and conditions of our constitution.
  • Treat fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee.
  • Advise the committee of any change in your personal details.

Safeguarding Policy

One of the guiding principles of our U3A is to promote well-being and ensure inclusivity for all our members, as much as is possible. At the outset we must all take on board that everyone is responsible not just the committee or other officers.
Our aim in this document is to offer guidelines and signposting to further information and advice along with other actions that are suggested could be taken. See the full document by clicking the link on this page.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our U3A values its members as individuals and encourages everyone to recognise their unique and different perspectives, abilities and contributions, and it sees diversity and inclusion as routes to growth and enrichment.
See the full document by clicking the link on this page.

Grievances and Complaints

In any organisation, problems and grievances will occur from time to time. It is important that members know where to turn for help, advice and support, so that whatever the issue, it can be dealt with quickly, objectively and appropriately. This procedure sets out how Bishop's Cleeve U3A will approach problems and grievances, to ensure they are dealt with in this way. All parties are encouraged to take a problem-solving approach to achieve resolution.
Please click on the link to download a form

Our Constitution

Please click on the link above to see a copy of our current constitution