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The vision for this page is that it will be a resource for members with ‘What is?’ and ‘How do I?’ videos, documents, and tutorials that members can pick and choose from as they wish and study at their own pace! Some items will be written specially for you but many will be links to existing excellent learning material that has already been created by others.

Basic IT Training
The Apple training sessions have been taking place since November 2021. The current series has ended but might start again in the autumn if there is enough interest. Informal 'coffee and cake' sessions have taken place for Android learners and are now complete. Several Windows learners have undertaken one-on-one sessions for specific learning needs and these are also now complete..

Ongoing Learning for Everyone
Technology is all around us and it's often hard to even keep up with the basics. Sometimes it seems like the younger generation talk a different language. The purpose of this new page on our u3a website is to explain some of the terminology and give you a place where you can get some answers and build your knowledge levels starting with those basics. There are already many videos both general and device specific here for you, a quiz, tutorials, an article about cookies and scams, and a Police anti-fraud booklet. These are to answer some of the questions that members have asked. More will follow. None of us are experts in everything these days and my advice to you is to learn what you need to learn or want to learn in order to do the things that you need or want to do. When used effectively technology enriches our lives. It gives us access to vast quantities of information at the touch of button. It can help us to do things more quickly and easily. It can be used to keep in contact with family and friends. It can entertain us, and so many more things.

There are many ways you can learn about technology and from this page you can find resources. Some will answer questions like 'What's a?' and others are 'How to' tools. More will follow so come back often to see what is new. Most of the videos linked here have been produced by commercial companies and you will see their names credited on the videos. Most of the videos start off with an ad and in longer videos can interrupt the viewing (just as on commercial TV). Just wait and the real video will start after a few seconds - or click 'skip ads' when that pops up on the right-hand side. There are sometimes pop-up ads during the video as well. Click on the top right x to close them. Please do not click on 'TURN OFF ALL ADS' as this is an ad and will take you to a different page so you can sign up to buy an ad blocker. If you do this by accident then just click the back button on your device to get back to where you were. See the picture link on this page to view a pop-up ad to see what to click to close it. The ads can be annoying but this is normal when viewing commercial videos or TV.

YouTube is a bit like watching TV; when one programme ends another starts up on a different subject and it's the same on You Tube so just stop the video when you get to the end of the one you are watching and return to the main page by clicking the back button. Some YouTube video presenters ask that you subscribe to their page but there is no need to do this. Again, just return to the main page. Note that the start, pause, and stop button is bottom left of the video screen. Use this button to pause any video for thinking time and by sliding your mouse/pointer back along the progress line you can rewind to watch a section again so you are in control and can work at your own pace.

Below are some self-paced resources for you. These are in 6 main sections. The top 2 sections are device independent so it doesn't matter what computer you have. Scroll down to find resources for Windows, Apple, and Android devices plus some materials related to Microsoft Office software and social media.

If you have 'what is?' or 'how to?' questions of your own then send them in and we'll try and get answers for you and post them here. All you have to do is to click on the blue bird to create and send a message with your question.

Device Independent Here are some YouTube videos to get you started. Just click on the title to watch them then use your 'back' button to get back to this page.

TitleMediaLengthSuitabilityNotes regarding Content
What is a Computer?Video2 minutes 47 secondsNovicesDefines a computer, explains hardware and software, introduces operating systems and main vendors, introduces SMART devices and servers on the Internet
What is an Operating System?Video1 minute 30 seconds NovicesExplains computer language, role of the operating system and the most common operating systems by vendor
What is an App?Video1 minute 28 seconds NovicesExplains what an App is, why we use them, and shows examples
Browser BasicsVideo3 minutes 23 secondsNovicesWhat a browser is and does including Chrome, Safari, Explorer, and Firefox. Shows use of address bar, web addresses, web links, navigating between pages, multiple tabs, bookmarks, and browser history
Web Browser Vs Search EngineVideo3 minutesNovicesAccessing the Internet using web browsers such as Chrome, MS Edge, Safari, or Firefox then searching it using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Explains how both work.
What is a Gigabyte?Video4 minutes 15 secondsNovicesCovers binary and digital storage terminology including bits, bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Terabytes, and more plus how much storage is required for typical documents, photos, and music
Buttons and ports on desktops + laptopsVideo2 minutes 29 secondsNovicesA visual device tour showing what they look like while explaining what they're used for
What is a Chromebook?Video2 minutes 18 secondsNovicesIntroduces this new technology - alternative to Windows and MAC devices designed for less complex computing needs
Connecting to the InternetVideo3 minutes 59 secondsNovicesSetting up a home wireless network including how it could be used, password security, router, ISP, and Wi-Fi networks
How does the Internet Work?Video10 minutes 4 secondsNovicesWhat the INternet is and how it works, how it developed, how websites, IP addresses, servers, ISPs, MAC addresses and the Cloud fit in and what they are. How data you want gets to your screen.
Computer Basics: What Is the Cloud?Video2 minutes 31 secondsNovicesConcepts of cloud storage and access. Use your files anywhere and any time. Backup and security even if your device fails.
A Day in the life of a Smart HomeVideo3 minutes 32 secondsBeginnersShows you technology at work in a home from waking up to going to bed, automating tasks and providing suggestions, entertainment, climate control, and home security.

Device Independent Below are some tutorials, a quiz, an article, and a booklet. Just click on the title to view them then use your 'back' button to get back to this page.

TitleMediaLengthSuitabilityNotes regarding Content
How to use our u3a WebsiteTutorial30 minutes +BeginnersSpecifically for BA & District u3a this tutorial walks you through what a website is and what it is used for then takes you to every page to help you to navigate the website so you can find information.
Website QuizQuiz5-15 minutesBeginnerscomplete as you work through the tutorial or when you have done it
What is a Network?Tutorial30 minutes +Beginnersincludes Internet access and basic security
Little Book of Big ScamsBooklet30 minutes +EveryoneA booklet compiled by the Metropolitan Police Service to advise regarding the prevention of fraud of all types
Cookies and ScamsArticle15 minutes +BeginnersAn article about cookies on websites and email/messaging scams and how to handle them

Windows Below are some videos specifically about Microsoft Windows. Just click on the title to watch them then use your 'back' button to get back to this page.

TitleMediaLengthSuitabilityNotes regarding Content
Getting started with Windows 10Video2 minutes 41 secondsNovicesUnlock the screen, workspace, finding and opening applications, OneDrive, settings, and powering down
Windows:Getting Started with the DesktopVideo2 minutes 8 secondsNovicesWallpaper, task bar, start button, opening and closing applications, shortcuts, and using multiple windows
Windows: Working with Files and FoldersVideo2 minutes 15 secondsBeginnersManaging and organising files, creating and naming folders, deleting items, recycle folder
Windows: Finding Files on Your ComputerVideo3 minutes 10 secondsBeginnersTechniques for finding lost files
Windows 10 TutorialVideo3.5 hoursBeginners +Professionally delivered, comprehensive Windows Guide + Windows 10 Tips for those who want more in-depth information. Module titles shown on the time bar to aid navigation.
Windows 11 vs Windows 10Video4 minutes 37 secondsIntermediateNew Features & Design Comparison for experienced Windows 10 users

Apple Below are some videos specifically about iPhone and iPad products. The top section is a 12-part series called iPhone Tips for Seniors. Every iPhone user needs to know 5 things; how to use the phone, how to text, how to check email, how to take pictures, and how to surf the web. Master these 5 things and using your iPhone becomes a pleasure not a chore. Just click on the title to watch them then use your 'back' button to get back to this page.

TitleMediaLengthSuitabilityNotes regarding Content
1: Basic SettingsVideo6 minutes 59 secondsBeginnersCovers screen brightness, auto lock, text size, bold text, and display zoom
2: Using Apple ContactsVideo6 minutes 52 secondsBeginnersCovers adding contacts, searching contacts, birthdays, phone and text, and maps
3: Using the PhoneVideo6 minutes 49 secondsBeginnersCovers how to turn off the ringer, how to set up favourites, how to use the speaker phone, how to redial the most recent number, and conference call
4: How to Make FaceTime CallsVideo6 minutes 56 secondsBeginnersCovers keep the phone stationery, how to make Facetime calls from scratch, how to make Facetime calls using the contacts App, how to make a group Facetime call, and how to change a standard call into a Facetime call
5: How to Use Apple NotesVideo6 minutes 33 secondsBeginnersCovers how to save your notes to iCloud, how to take a quick note, how to scan a receipt, how to add a photo to a note, and how to create a folder in notes
6: How to Use Apple RemindersVideo8 minutes 55 secondsBeginnersCovers how to create a list, how to create a reminder, how to create sub-tasks, how to create smart lists, and adding a location reminder
7: Learning how to Swipe!Video8 minutes 2 secondsBeginnersCovers how to swipe down to search, how to swipe down for notifications, how to swipe down for control centre, how to swipe right to get to the today view, and how to swipe up to view Apps
8: How to TextVideo8 minutes 5 secondsBeginnersCovers how to create a message, how to respond to a message, how to search messages, how to pin a favourite, and how to add a photo
9: How to Use Control CenterVideo7 minutes 23 secondsBeginnersCovers how to open control centre, how to use stock apps, and how to customise control centre
10: How to Surf the WebVideo10 minutes 41 secondsBeginnersCovers how to set up Safari, how to edit your homepage, how to add favourites, how to search using google, and how to navigate Safari
11: How to Use the CameraVideo9 minutes 11 secondsBeginnersCovers how to frame a picture, how to zoom, how to take a selfie, how to shoot a video, how to share a picture, and how to delete unwanted photos
12: How To EmailVideo9 minutes 43 secondsBeginnersCovers how to set up an email account, how to send an email, how to read/archive/flag an email, how to search your emails, and how to delete emails

Still on Apple the section below is about iPad for Seniors and the videos follow the same format as for iPhone. Just click on the title to watch them then use your 'back' button to get back to this page.

TitleMediaLengthSuitabilityNotes regarding Content
Master iPad Control Center for SeniorsVideo8 minutes 45 secondsBeginnersCovers how to access Control Centre, what the buttons do and how to activate them, airplane mode, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, music, screen lock, Apple TV mirroring, control screen brightness and audio level, silent mode, light and dark mode, use notes/checklist/take a photo/scan a document, access the camera, magnify, voice memos, and customising Control Centre by adding additional controls for fast access
iPad Tips for SeniorsVideo9 minutes 24 secondsBeginnersCovers Today View and widgets, Extra Finger Touch ID, Customise Control Centre, Arrange Icons, and FaceTime
iPad Tips for Seniors 2Video6 minutes 18 secondsBeginnersCovers how to close Apps, how to create folders, how to add Dock Apps, new wallpapers, and App Store Apps
iPad Tips for Seniors 3Video4 minutes 33 secondsBeginnersCovers overcoming frustrations by rebooting/turn off and on, learn the gestures, learn to use the keyboard, change the volume, and adjust the brightness (Uses 7th generation iPad)
2020 iPad for SeniorsVideo3 minutes 47 secondsBeginnersCovers 8th generation iPad released September 2020, comparison with 2019 7th generation iPad, improvements – screen, faster A12 chip, Apple keyboard connection, and texting/FaceTime
iPad Tips For Seniors: Basic SettingsVideo13 minutes 7 secondsBeginnersCovers straight from the box how to Set up Wi-Fi, how to Set Up Control Center, how to Set Up Your Dock, how to Add Widgets to the Home Screen, how to Keep your iPad Software Up To Date, and how to Add Fingerprint to Touch ID
iPad Tips For Seniors: How to Navigate YouTube!Video14 minutes 23 secondsBeginnersCovers How to Install YouTube App, How to Subscribe to a Channel, How to View Your Subscriptions, How to Unsubscribe from a Channel, How to check Your Viewing History, How to Search for a Video, and How to Set Volume Using Control Center
iPad Tips for Seniors: Two Great Accessories!Video6 minutes 40 secondsBeginnersCovers iPad accessories such as the Logitek Combo Touch keyboard and the Apple Pencil and how to use them to make life easier
iPad Tips for Seniors: How to Use Apple ContactsVideo8 minutes 35 secondsBeginnersCovers How to Add a Contact, How to Edit a Contact, How to make a FaceTime Call, How to Use Maps within Contacts, How to Send a Text from Contacts, and How to Set Up iCloud Sync
iPad Tips for Seniors: How To Organise your Home ScreenVideo10 minutes 40 secondsBeginnersCovers how to change the wallpaper, show App library in dock, delete App icon only, create home screen folders, and add Widgets to your home screen.
iPad Tips for Seniors: How To Use Apple BooksVideo13 minutes 46 secondsBeginnersCovers How to add a payment method, How to add free books, how to open and read a book, how to search for books, Organise with Collections, and how to make bookmarks, notes and highlights.
iPad Tips for Seniors: How To Search the Web using SafariVideo10 minutes 37 secondsBeginnersCovers how to set up privacy and security, how to use Reader View, how to Google search, how to close web pages, how to bookmark a website, and how to open multiple websites.
iPad Tips for Seniors: How To Use Apple NotesVideo10 minutes 52 secondsBeginnersCovers how to back up to iCloud, how to add lines or grids to notes, how to create, search or delete a note, how to scan paper documents, how to add photos to notes, and how to create folders.
iPad Tips for Seniors: How To Use Photos AppVideo12 minutes 24 secondsBeginnersCovers how to ... back up to iCloud, navigate Photo Album, create Photo Album, delete a photo, and take a picture of a picture.

Android Below are some videos specifically about Android products. Every phone and phablet user needs to know how to use the phone, how to text, and how to take pictures. They also need to know how to check email and how to surf the web and tablet users also need to be able to do these 2 things. There is very little difference between using an Android tablet and an Android phone so if you can complete a task on one device then you can do it on the other. Just click on the title to watch them then use your 'back' button to get back to this page.

TitleMediaLengthSuitabilityNotes regarding Content
Learn How To Talk About Smartphones In EnglishVideo7 minutes 14 secondsBeginnersCovers basic terminology about the device and the ports and buttons on a Smartphone and what they do. Note: pretty much describes an Android phablet as well and even an android tablet without a SIM
Android Tablet How To Use GuideVideo5 minutes 35 secondsBeginnersNote – almost identical for Samsung Android Smartphone or Phablet. Covers a typical screen layout and how to see Apps, the back button/home page button/open Apps button, swiping to see notifications and settings status, intuitive settings easy to find and modify, google playstore, installing Apps, camera and gallery, google suite of applications including gmail and googlemaps
How To Make A Call On Any Android PhoneVideo1 minute 39 secondsBeginnersCovers how to make a call, end a call, and save the number for future use.
How To Send A Text Message On Any Android PhoneVideo2 minutes 3 secondsBeginnersCovers clicking message item, entering recipient name from contacts or a new phone number, entering text of messages, and sending. Also shows how to send the same message to more than one person
How to take a picture on your Android SmartphoneVideo3 minutes 20 secondsBeginnersCovers the buttons used to take photos, selfies, and video plus viewing photos taken and adjusting brightness
How To Add An Email Account On AndroidVideo2 minutes 45 secondsBeginnersCovers adding an email address in the email App (such as a yahoo address), adjusting the send/receive interval, adding a Gmail account, signing in to your google account, and finalising the process
The Best How to Send an Email With an Android Phone or TabletVideo3 minutes 45 secondsBeginnersCovers accessing gmail, creating a mail, adding an attachment, sending the mail, and checking the mail was sent
Gmail Tutorial - Quick Start TrainingVideo22 minutes 13 secondsBeginnersCovers Gmail user interface, Composing emails, Managing received emails, Understanding the All Mail folder, Using Gmail labels, Accessing Gmail settings, Switching between threaded and conversation view, Setting up a Gmail signature, Changing Gmail’s inbox settings, Accessing Gmail contacts, Searching in Gmail, and Using Gmail add-ons
How to Browse the Web on Your Samsung Galaxy S7Video1 minute 50 secondsBeginnersNote: Samsung but the process is almost the same for any Android device. Covers access to the web, enter web address or search for it, open new tab, switch between tabs, closing tabs, bookmark a page, and how to change browser settings

Microsoft and more Ravenshead u3a have a selection of self-paced self-study materials on their Computing Guides webpage and we have permission to add a link to that page from our website so that you can access their information. Some things such as Cloud storage and some device specific information are covered here on this page already. You need to know the basics using your own device before exploring this page.

TitleMediaLengthSuitabilityNotes regarding Content
Ravenshead u3aVariousVariousIntermediateIncludes how to do things in Word, how to do things in Excel, how to use various mail programmes, how to use Zoom or Skype, how to transfer photos to a memory stick, how to use googlemaps, and more.
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