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New Groups starting March 2019

.Hello All
There are four new groups starting in March in Lund House
Complimentary Therapy 6th March 1.30 to 2.30
Poker for Fun 7th March 10.00 to 12.00
Beginners Watercolours 3rd March 2.00 to 4.00
Creative writing 11th March 10.30 to 12.00
If you are interest in joining any of the groups or would like more information please contact
Kind Regards Zena



Biddulph U3A Given Talk on Crime Prevention by a Local PCSO

Jan 2019

Recently Biddulph U3A held a 'Police Clinic' in Lund House.
Police Clinic
In attendance was local PCSO, Karen Linton, who gave the members a very interesting and informative talk on protecting their property and themselves from crime.

Karen began her talk by stating the reassuring fact that Biddulph was lucky to be a low crime area and was actually a 'great place to live and to work’ However, she went on to say that there are incidents of crime in the area although not tending, on the whole, to be that of highly organised crime gangs. The main message of her talk was to raise their awareness of how crime is committed and how to take simple and practical steps to prevent being a victim of such.

Despite there being a low level of crime in the town of Biddulph there are problems in the rural areas of the surrounding Staffordshire Moorlands . Here the farmers can be victims of organised criminal gangs. The local police have made farmers in isolated rural areas aware of this problem and ask them to always be aware of protecting their machinery and livestock .

They are also asked to look out for any suspicious activities in their area. Farmers are encouraged to join the national 'OWL' initiative which is also endorsed by Staffordshire Police. 'OWL' being the acronym for On-Line Watch Link which provides its members with crime alerts and messages forwarded by email. telephone, SMS or text.

Karen then proceeded to give the members several strategies to prevent being a victim of crime such as always keeping car doors locked when stationary, never leaving personal possessions on display on car seats, having secure locks at home on both doors and windows, locking garages and all out-side buildings and , if possible, fitting a burglar alarm.

She also mentioned that recently, on her way to work, when the weather was frosty, she had seen several cars being defrosted with the engines running and the owners still inside their homes. She said that this was an open invitation to any opportunist thief who might just be passing by and who might try to steal the car.

The members were also told that it was always a good strategy to look if their house was always occupied, especially on dark winter nights and when away on holiday. Karen suggested connecting indoor lights to 'timers' so it would look if someone was in the house. It is also very sensible to let neighbours know when when going on holiday so they can keep an eye on the empty house and to look out for any suspicious activity.

Karen also told the members that they should be very careful of allowing any strangers into their homes or onto their property. Callers should always be asked to produce some form of identification. Any genuine caller, such as employees of the various utility companies, will always possess identification and be prepared to show it.

The members welcomed the variety of small crime prevention gadgets that Karen had produced which were free of charge. These included warning bells to put on purses and wallets, special wallets in which to place debit and credit cards to prevent them from being 'scammed' and a small torch with a personal alarm. Also on offer were specially designed screws to attach to car number plates prevent them being easily removed by car thieves. These thieves would then put the stolen number plates on another car which could be used to commit another crime.

Biddulph U3A Press Secretary Ann Bailey, comments , 'Karen gave us a very informative talk with lots of very useful and practical advice to prevent the members becoming a victim of crime. A lot of what Karen said is commonsense but it raised my awareness and also made me think about further steps I could take to protect both my property and myself. ‘



Call for New Groups and Activities

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