Radio Stoke Visit

'Radio Stoke Visits the Patchwork and Quilting Group.'

On Wednesday, Mach 23rd. had a sudden request if one of Radio Stoke's roving reporters, John Acres, could visit them to ask their views on the Government's idea of of increasing the old age pension by 2.5% and also if the pension allowance should be changed in the future to come into line with wages and inflation.This report was to be part of the popular mid-morning 'Perry Spiller' show where. besides playing popular music Perry encourages ;listeners to call in to put forward their views on topical issues, brings in a variety of experts on these topics and also sends John Acres out to question the local public invarious forums.

He also wanted to ask the ladies if they had a 'bucket list' of things they would like to do. In particular he high-lighted flying in a hot balloon or scuba diving!

The ladies rose to the task and gave some very positive and interesting responses which were immediately broadcasted on Radio Stoke. After John left there was much discussion and the ladies had really enjoyed being given the opportunity to express their views.

Mavis Hancock ( Leader of the 'Patchwork and Quilting Group')