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Group leaders sometimes complain that there is nobody to tell them what to do when it comes to the admin parts of leading a group.
So here are a few guidelines to help you to be sure that you are doing the right thing.

Term Dates

There are no rules for when you start or when you finish. You can run your group for fifty weeks per year if you wish, or follow local school terms, or run your group as a short course of just six weeks. It all depends on what you and your group members want to do, and what other commitments you, and they, have.
We start our year at Enrollment day, which is usually in September. You can start this same week, or leave it until later. There is one fixed date for the end of the year, which is the 31st July. Even if you continue through August, please complete your register up to that date and send it in.
As this website becomes more active, you will be able to add your term dates to your group page on the website.


Obviously, you need to fill in your register every week, but if it ends up in a mess, there is nothing wrong with making a fair copy at the end of term before you send it in- though you do not need to do that. The main purpose of sending in the registers is to be able to audit and properly account for the money that you have collected in subs and spent on small items for your group. That is why we ask for receipts for items bought to be attached.
There is a black metal box by the main door at Lund House where you can leave your register.
If you need a new register, there is a link on the right of this page which will download a copy to you PC. Please email Fred Reed if you would like it in another format. If you need a printed copy, there is a stock of registers in a folder in the leaders pigeon holes at Lund House House.

Equipment for your group

If you need any equipment for your group which would cost more than twenty pounds, you should ask any of the committee members, and if the committee feel that we can afford it and that it would be a good investment for all of us, you can collect a cheque to pay for it. After some discussion the committee have agreed that group leaders can buy second hand items, on Ebay for example. It is better if the items can be paid for by cheque direct to the seller, but if you have to pay with your credit card and have the cheque made out to you, that is OK. In both cases you will need a receipt for the item bought, so that our accounts can be audited.


Our U3A is a registered charity, and our Registered Charity Number is 1121494. That gives us some tax advantages, especially Gift Aid on the membership fees. This means that if a member is a tax payer and agrees to gift aiding their membership fee, their £15.00 payment puts £18.00 into our funds.
Being a charity means that our accounts are subject to being audited, which is why we have to be a little more formal with them.
An important aspect of being a charity is that, as Biddulph U3A, we are not allowed to give money to another charity. That means that if your group members wish to support a charity, the money must be given as "From the members of the XXXXX group", not "From Biddulph U3A".

Group Pages on the Website

If you would like your page to feature a full description and photographs of your group, please get in touch with John Beardmore. You can do this easily from the Contacts Page, by clicking the Contacts button above.