Joining Biddulph u3a

The annual commencement/enrolment of Biddulph u3a usually takes place either during June/July, at our annual 'Showcase' or at the enrolment afternoon at the beginning of September.( the date of this is announced nearer the time)
If you are unable to make these dates,or if you are joining at a different time of the year,the best thing to do is, firstly, decide what group or groups you want to join.. The next step is to contact the group leader. The contact tel number can be found at the top of each individual group page.
Some groups are small or have plenty of space but be warned that other groups might be full or have limited numbers so you will have to check that the group you wish to join has spaces. Most groups, if full, do have a waiting list.
The group leaders will be able to talk to you about their classes and answer any questions you might have. It is always recommended that you have a taster session of one or two meetings to see if that particular group is suitable for you.
If you do decide to join the very friendly and progressive Biddulph U3A you can obtain a membership form from the appropriate group leader, or download one from the link(top right) on the Welcome page. Annual membership costs £15.00 and, with a few exceptions, each session will cost you £2.00