Group Leaders Meeting 2017

A meeting of our Group Leaders was held on Friday 17th February when our chairman and group co-ordinator expressed their appreciation for all the hard work which went into organising such a fantastic range of interest groups. Everyone had a chance to talk about the successes of their group and to discuss any problems they were having. Unfortunately successful groups seem to create a problem of their own - they become full! Therefore we talked about how we can set up new groups, or perhaps split existing groups into two if this was the preferred option. Lots of help would be available to prospective leaders so hopefully this will be the way forward.

After the discussions there was an opportunity for group leaders to chat amongst themselves while enjoying a cup of coffee and a Danish pastry.

The chairman opens the meeting Committee 1 Group Leaders (1)
Group Leaders (2) Group Leaders (3) The coffee is ready
Chatting (1) Chatting (2) Chatting (3)
Chatting (4) Chatting (5) Chatting (6)