Berwyn & District

Photo competition

Photocomp2-3 has now closed to further entries. All entries received can be seen at at Photocomp 2.

  • To create greater flexibilty entries submitted may have been taken at any time within a specified two week period.
  • Entries will normally be shown on our website as they arrive but must be received by the closing date.
  • The next period is Sunday 10th January to Saturday 23rd January and the subject is "D".
  • You can express the subject in any way you wish. A picture in the form of a "D", a subject described by an D word etc. You must indicate the connection in the description of your photo e.g. "Deserted streets", "Dedication", "Delight", etc.
  • Voting forms will be sent to members when all eligible photos have been displayed on our website for at least three days. Members will be asked to choose their favourite but if sufficient entries have been received they may be asked to rank their top three.
  • The favourite will be shown as the Berwyn and District website Home page following the vote.

Please send your photocomp 2 4th edition entries to along with your title/description by 23rd January but preferably much earlier.
Contact the website editor at the same address if you have any queries about Photocomp 2.

Previous Photocomp 2 winners can be seen at Picture choices
You can revisit all the photos submitted in the first period at photocomp 2 1.
or the photos submitted in the second period at photocomp 2 2.
or in the third period at photocomp 2 3.
You can still enjoy the pictures from our first series by viewing our Photocomp Gallery where you can also find links to video slideshows of the pictures.