201910 - Dagnam Park

Thursday 10 October 2019 - Visit to Dagnam Park, Harold Hill, Romford

Good afternoon all

We have just had an amazing morning at Dagnam Park. It didn't take long to get there, only about 25 minutes. It was amazing to drive through a busy town then go through gates and the space just opened up before us. The sun was shining in a blue sky.

Alan, Jenn, Sue and I went and thought we would just get a glimpse of one or two deer if we were lucky, wrong! Within minutes of walking from the car park across open fields we spied a stag laying down then moving further along there were so many in front of us. Wow moment.

We crept about in some undergrowth to get a better look and Alan must have got some good photos. At one moment I stood on the path whilst the others were a little way off and a deer walked onto the path a way up and I couldn't call out. After eyeing me up she went back into the woods, says it all eh!

These are apparently Fallow Deer.

We met a man who was out cycling but came over to tell us about the history of the Manor House and grounds, very interesting.

The rutting season is just starting and we felt it would be good to go back to witness that.

We would recommend a visit by other group and U3A members

Unfortunately, there are no facilities and as two of us ladies were requiring some, we popped into a nearby cafe and had a drink. Thanks Alan.

Look forward to next month.


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