201904 - Royal Opera House

Friday 5 April 2019 Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Our trip to Covent Garden was a great day. I arranged lunch at The Wildwood Restaurant in Bow Street. The restaurant gave us not only a great lunch but also a great service.

Then in the afternoon we did a tour of The Royal Opera House. There were guides who split our group of (52) into 3 groups. I'm sure everyone was impressed with the guided tour and amazed to discover that the building had 10 floors and employed 1,000 staff. Getting the opportunity to see behind the scene was very special.

Thanks to our good driver John and the quantity of traffic we got into Covent Garden by 11.10am and lunch wasn't until 12.30pm so they all had spare time to wander around and shop/ get refreshments.

Our tour started at 2.30pm and as the restaurant and opera house was quite near one another that was extra handy. The tour lasted 1hr. 15mins.

We arranged for coach pick up at 5.00pm so again they had at least an hour free time. The coach never turned up a little late at 5.20pm but with all the traffic, especially buses and taxi and the one way system I think the driver did really well. The bonus was because of the delay we were all present when the coach turned up so we never had to wait around for stragglers.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.


Thanks to Bob Munson, Suzanne Worland, Brian Crawley and Alan and Lyn Aldridge for the photos.

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