201904 - Maldon Moot Hall

Wednesday 3 April 2019 - Moot Hall, Maldon

For our April Meeting the Local Interest Group visited The Moot Hall, Maldon, this tower is all that remains from a much larger mansion built in 1420 by Robert D`Arcy, a wealthy lawyer.

The ground floor Committee Room was once the town gaol and still has it`s original prison door, this room became Maldon`s first police station. A passage leads to the semi-subterranean cellar and small exercise yard.

The first floor houses a well preserved Magistrates Court and Jury room complete with dock and witness box. From the Court Room there is access to the magnificent railed balcony.

The second floor houses the paneled Council Chamber, seat of power for the town, it even served as the town armory during the 17th Century. Peter Lewsey became Town Clerk for the afternoon but wasn't paid even a couple of groats!

From there some of us climbed the stairs further to the roof to be rewarded with the Moot Hall bells and panoramic views of Maldon, the river Blackwater and the surrounding countryside.

Thanks to Sue Lewsey for the write up and Lyn and Alan Aldridge for the photos.

Click on a picture below to see it full-size with more details.