201806 - Westminster

22 June 2018 Visit to Westminster

As we have been discussing various women who belonged to the Suffragette Movement, we went along to see the statue of Millicent Garrett Fawcett, recently erected in Parliament Square.

She is the first female to have been honoured with a statue there, the rest of the 11 statues are men! She was the first Suffragist, whereas Emmeline Pankhurst, the next statue, in Victoria Tower Gardens was the leader of the Suffragettes.

The flowers we came across in a shady corner of the back streets of Westminster. Memorial Scroll to the Suffragette Movement was in Christchurch Gardens near Caxton House where the women held their meetings.

View towards Horseguards Parade from St.James Park and finally statue of Edith Cavell outside the National Portrait Museum, to which we also paid a visit.

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