201809 - Rainham Marshes

Thursday 13 September 2018

We visited RSPB Rainham Marshes on a beautiful day and managed to walk about half of the main path which is largely reeds and small ponds and streams.

The Kestrels were giving us a good flying display but we couldn't find the sparrowhawk, which was supposedly in the area. In addition, we found Grey Heron, Goldfinches, Marsh Frogs, Canada Geese and several birds we couldn't positively identify.

We made our way back on the river embankment with a good view of the Thames and the QE2 bridge.

And as usual rounded off with tea and cake at the cafe. A most enjoyable visit.

Thanks to Lyn and Alan Aldridge for the photos.

PS: if you are not an RSPB member the entrance fee is £6pp - we think a little steep.

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