Constitution and Policies

Benfleet U3A is a Charity, No. 1160541, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Although operating within the auspices of the National U3A and with their support, the Benfleet U3A, as with all of the local U3A associations, is an independent charity running its own affairs with its own Constitution and Policies.

Like all organisations we have to work within a legal framework and to meet the required criteria of the Charity Commission. So for example the Committee has had to discuss, devise and approve policies to comply with the recent GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation].

All of the incumbent Committee Members are trustees of Benfleet U3A and are responsible for the proper running, accounting, conduct and reporting of the association.

The Benfleet U3A operates to a set of rules and policies approved by your committee. These policies are often prompted with templates by the National U3A but can be adjusted by your Committee to reflect our local situation, membership and scope of our activities and groups.

Please access documents using the links on the right hand side of this page. We will add more as and when they are approved. If you cannot access these documents you can request copies from Mavis Regan via Business Secretary email contact.

Additional detailed policies generally adopted on the advice of the National U3A relating to complaints, disciplinary action and grievances are available on request from Mavis Regan via Business Secretary email contact.

Feedback: the committee is always open to feedback and views from members regarding improvements in how the association is run, suggestions, ideas, etc - and hopefully on occasion that activities have been 'well received and well run.' You can direct feedback to any of the Committee Members who will feed it into committee meetings. Thank you.