Special Occasions


To enquire about, or book, forthcoming Special Occasion activities please contact Jill Parr.


When booking a place on any activity, your place is not guaranteed until you have paid in full and you have received your ticket. If you have not paid in full by the activity specific date, your place may be given to another person.


Attached pictures of Benfleet U3A celebrating its 5th Anniversary in 2016.



The Arlington The Arlington The Arlington

By the 18 January we are sure everyone will have recovered from Christmas and will be ready the next celebration.

Our 2019 New Year Lunch is at The Arlington in Leigh. This is a delightful Art Deco venue, which we feel members will enjoy.

The timing is 12:30 for 1:00pm lunch; carriages (or however else you travel) at 4:00pm.

To book and select your meal please download 2019 New Year Lunch Menu.
ALLERGIES AND DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: Please advise us if you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements NOT covered by the available menu. Please contact Jill Parr

Print and complete [you can use for 2 people providing your menu selections are clear]. Copies available at Members Meetings or by request to Jill Parr

Return the form and cheque for the full amount payable to Benfleet U3A to:

  • At the Members meetings OR
  • To any Committee member OR
  • Post - please contact Jill Parr for address if needed.

Please see Arlington Travel Options for location, taxi, buses, etc.

Happy New Year!



Friday 26 April 2019: Celebrate the 60s with The BEAUCREES


The Beaucrees in 1963 The Beaucrees performing The Beaucrees now

7:30pm to 11:00pm at RICHMOND HALL the Benfleet U3A will celebrate the 60s [thats the decade not our ages].

The 60s Music will be provided by THE BEAUCREES - a group formed with 5 lads in Walthamstow in 1963 and are still together performing regularly including for a number of U3As. For more information please visit

Cost: £12-50p per person including Fish and Chips. Bring your own drinks.

To book please either:

  • Forward email request to Mavis Regan via Business Secretary OR
  • Sign up at the Members Meetings.

Benfleet U3A members may bring a non-U3A partner or friend.

Please advise us if you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements such as gluten free. For these requirements we will provide a suitable alternative. Please contact Mavis Regan via Business Secretary.



Dates for your Diary
Fri Jan 18th Activity: New Year Lunch
Location: The Arlington, 905 London Road, Leigh.
Contact: Jill Parr via Special Occasions.

Time: 12.30 for 1.00pm; Carriages at 4.00pm.
Cost: £27 per person includes tip; excludes drinks.

Please visit Special Occasions to view full details, menu and to book.
Fri Apr 26th Activity: Celebrate the 60s with THE BEAUCREES
Location: Richmond Hall.
Contact: Mavis Regan via Business Secretary.

Time: 7:30pm to 11:00pm
Cost: £12-50p per person includes Fish and Chips; Bring your own drinks.

Please visit Special Occasions to view full details and to book.