Annual Membership

Membership Secretary Contact

Please contact Bob Munson using the Membership Secretary email link with any queries.


Membership Year: 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019

As advised to all existing members, the renewal process was closed on 15 August 2018.

Thank you to all those who have renewed. SIMs (Special Interest Members) who requested FULL Membership have been upgraded.

If you were a member who didn't renew in time and wish to continue membership you will need to apply to join again. At the present time, new members will join as SIMs but can apply to upgrade to Full membership using the 2018 Membership Transfer Form.

Please contact Bob Munson for Membership Application forms via Membership Secretary email link.


To meet recent legislation changes [GDPR] your committee has spent hours and hours developing a suitable Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy which we request you should read and understand as it advises how we collect, manage and use your personal data. For any queries please contact Sheila Sears at Chair.

In applying for membership please be aware that you are agreeing for the Benfleet U3A to use your contact information for the administration of the association e.g. contact for meetings, events, outings, etc.

NOTE there are important boxes to tick on the membership form:

  • Gift Aid – to allow us to collect additional revenue from HMRC.
  • Passing your data to 3rd Age Trust in order for you to receive their publications.


To remind everyone that we have two types of members - FULL and SIMs [Special Interest Member].

A Full Member has access to Monthly Meetings, Special Interest Groups, Excursions and Social Events i.e. everything.

A SIM (Special Interest Member) has access to Special Interest Groups, Excursions and Social Events but will not have access to all Monthly Meetings. This will appeal to those who do not wish to attend Monthly Meetings or only do so on occasion. A SIM is allowed to attend two Monthly Meetings in addition to the AGM.

If you are a SIM and wish to become a Full Member you can apply at any time using the 2018 Membership Transfer Form. These Full Memberships will be allocated on a first come basis as Full Membership places become available.

Fees for 2018/2019 are: FULL Members £20; SIMs £16. Please make cheques payable to Benfleet U3A.

NOTE forms do not include personal details so if you wish to send them, please request sending address by email link to Membership Secretary.

Please see Treasurers Notices regarding cheque amendments and other aspects of payment.

Please do NOT send cash through the post - we will not be held responsible for missing payment.


Other U3As

Membership of one U3A does not entitle the applicant to join another U3A's Interest Groups or Meetings, unless they are a member of that U3A.

You MUST be a member of Benfleet U3A in order to take part in our activities.



Please contact our Membership Secretary for details of our membership, availability and cost. Thank you.