202003 - Chigborough Lakes

Thursday 12 March 2020 Visit to Chigborugh Lakes

Well we made it to Chigborough Lakes, all 3 of us! Sue, Ian and me.

Chigborough Lakes is a nature reserve run by the Essex Wildlife Trust.

On our drive it started to rain and got quite heavy but as we parked it eased up and stayed dry for the rest of the day, although a cold wind we were not put off!

It was well worth it. There are many lakes, which had different wildlife. We saw great crested grebe, geese 2 different sorts, leaping fish, cormorants, masses of primroses and some violets. The ground was quite a challenge with many very wet areas so good job we all had wellies.

We heard a woodpecker and got so close to finding his tree when he flew away. Ian got shots of some small birds but needs to look them up. Unfortunately a large brown bird of prey flew away from us in the woods but we couldn't identify it. We sat in a hide and spotted a heron then realised there were two, no three all together then they flew off and came back. Further round the lake we scared them to flight.

Some golden eye (I think) were on another lake along with what looked like mandarin but could have been wigeon or pochard. When Ian zooms in to his pics we might have a better idea.

Another lake gave us a comical sight of two swans bottoms up feeding, they looked so funny with their big black feed paddling in the air. On our way back to the car we spied 2 rabbits and a deer possible Muntjac but they are only 19in and this was bigger.

We then fell into the cafe for well deserved refreshments. A very nice day and worth another look sometime. Thank you for driving Ian.


Photos soon.

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