202002 - Wat Tyler Country Park

Thursday 13 February 2020 Visit to Wat Tyler Country Park

Well in the end we again shelved Chigborough Lakes due to the possible bad weather, as it turned out the forecast was wrong as it was meant to rain most of the morning but it didn't although it was very cold.

We visited Wat Tyler park. Unfortunately not all the hides were open but we did get in one. We managed to spot Canada geese, cormorants, Redshank, Teal then with some help of a man walking his dog who pointed out an oyster catcher, shelduck and bar tailed godwits.

We voted to retreat to the cafe as the biting wind had got to most of us and had we continued round the park we would have got caught in the rain.
So although not too exciting we made the most of the morning, well done.


Thanks to our new member Ian Lyons for the photos.