The Events listed here are in Date order. Note this page includes Members Meetings, Zoom Meetings, Outings and Special Events.



Continuing our exciting programme of Speaker Talks
There will be a Speaker Talk at our General Member Meetings at 2pm on the last Tuesday of every month.

Understandably some of you will be nervous about meeting again in a large group. Following the Richmond Hall Guidelines, we can have no more than 120 in the hall. This is the reason we restrict our SIMs members to two monthly meetings and the AGM. You will also know it is difficult to move the chairs further apart.

The Government relaxation of Covid rules allow us to meet again now while exercising precautions where possible. We will be following Richmond Hall Guidelines for Covid 19. So, we will:

  • keep the hall well ventilated
  • ask you, preferably, to wear masks when seated or moving around.
  • position chairs to ensure the maximum social distancing possible
  • provide hand sanitisers and ask you to use them
  • ask you to Self-Assess for Covid Symptoms

It is your decision whether you wish to attend but I would ask that if you are feeling unwell then please do not attend on this occasion. I anticipate most of us will have had three doses of the vaccination by now but members will understandably be wary of picking up or passing on infections.

Please note that we ARE providing refreshments for the hall meeting. Please bring your own cups if possible.
On behalf of your Committee, I welcome the return of regular monthly meetings.

Marion Coleman, Chair


Continuing Zoom Meetings
Our programme of ZOOM Speaker Talks. We will be having one Zoom Speaker Talk on the second Tuesday afternoon of each month.

If you have not already contacted Marion and asked to take part in the Zoom talk, you need to email me at Chair so that I can send you the meeting details. We now have 98 people on the Zoom list so there is plenty of room for more of you, as not everyone attends every time. Remember the Zoom talks are ALL open to ALL members (Full and SIMs)


Member Meetings to look forward to:

Peter Batty.John Hope.Martin Hoskins
Band of sisters.Time through the ages.Financial Issues and Estate planning
- amazing women of WWII...
2pm Tuesday 28 June 2022.2pm Tuesday 12 July 2022.2pm Tuesday 26 July 2022
Peter Batty: Band of Sisters..... . John Hope-Time..... . Martin Hoskins: estate planning


Dates for your Diary
Tue Jul 12th ZOOM: 2pm Tuesday 12 July 2022

Speaker: John Hope
Subject: Time through the Ages

A two thousand year journey through time telling over the centuries showing the development and improvement of time telling devices from the sundial through to the atomic clock. Includes the rise and fall of the industry in the United Kingdom.
Tue Jul 26th RICHMOND HALL: 2pm Tuesday 26 July 2022

Speaker: Martin Hoskins
Subject: Financial Issues and Estate planning

Can I protect my home from long term care home fees? Why might I need Lasting Powers of Attorney?
What is my new Inheritance Tax Allowance? Can we make Estate Planning FUN?

These are a few of the many questions asked of me as a professional Estate Planner, and the answer to the last one is....... Absolutely!
This will be a fun and informative introduction to protecting you and your assets for those you love the most.
Tue Aug 30th RICHMOND HALL: 2pm Tuesday 30 August 2022

Speaker: Lindsay Whitehouse
Subject: Life in a Prison - from a Governors viewpoint

A Governor's view of his life working in different prisons. I focus on my engagement with staff, prisoners, trade unions, politicians, visitors, the media, lawyers and families. I take my audience on a journey of some of the issues that I had to deal with, and ask the audience what they would have done in my shoes.