Belper & District

About the Members Portal


• If you know how to use the portal click here to log in: Members Portal Login
• If you need help, read on ...


It's where you can:-
• Renew your membership, without having to fill in a paper form. Each time you log in to the Portal you are told when your membership expires. During the renewals period at the end of this year, you will be given the option to renew online.
• Check and, if necessary, update your personal contact details. This includes: your address; home phone number; mobile telephone number; email address. You are asked to check your details whenever your information changes or at least once a year. We would also encourage members to provide emergency contact details here.
• View and/or download a personal calendar, showing your group meetings and the U3A’s Monthly General Meetings.
• See the contact details for group co-ordinators.
• Enrol in a group online
The Portal also allows you to:-
• Set a security question and answer. This is intended for future use and is not mandatory at the moment.
• Upload a photo. Members are asked NOT to use this option, as it may cause problems when membership cards are printed.


You will need your membership number and other personal contact details. Click on the image on the right to see exactly what you need. If you are logging in to change your contact details, use your old details to log in, not your new ones.


If you are unable to log in, check the following:-
• Your membership number is correct. It's printed on your membership card. Make sure you use your membership number and not the membership year.
• Your forename is spelt correctly and starts with a capital letter. Don't type your whole name in capitals, just the first letter. You can use your 'known' as name if you want to. In fact, it's better to use your known as name if you have several forenames.
• Your surname is also spelt correctly and starts with a capital letter.
• Your postcode is correct, with a blank space between the two sections eg DE56 1UU.
• You have used the correct email address, without any capital letters.
• You haven't copied and pasted, or used auto-fill, to complete any of the fields. This may work on some devices/browsers but it doesn't always, so it's best to type the information each time.
• Finally, check that you haven't mistakenly entered a blank space before or after any of the information you have entered. Leading and trailing spaces are treated as invalid by the validation process and are the most frequent cause of members not being able to log in. They seem to occur most often when using mobile phones, iPads or other tablet devices, so take extra care if you are using one of these.

If you still have problems please email the Beacon System Administrator by clicking the Mail envelope at the top right of the page.