Belper & District

U3A Short Course - Personal Safety

Personal Safety Training

2 morning sessions - Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th March 2020 from 9.45 – 12.00 at Strutts (prompt start please)

An awareness of your own personal safety is very important, not just at work but when going about your everyday life.

The aim of the sessions is to promote personal safety and will enhance skills using simple breakaway techniques. These are manoeuvres used to break away from a violent person without harming him or her. They do not include control or restraint methods.

The course programme is designed to promote self-awareness and confidence.

The sessions, although serious, are based on having fun, learning through doing and role play.

Your full participation is hoped for but not mandatory.

If at any time you wish to sit back and observe that is absolutely fine.

There will then be a low impact warm-up period after which you will be shown a number of breakaway techniques, which you can practice in pairs.

You may be required to use your voice and shout out as part of the programme.

Bring a whistle if you have one.

These are movement-based sessions so please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and comfortable footwear.
There is some floor work but this can also be done seated on a chair if you prefer.

At any point, if you do not feel comfortable with an exercise you may sit out.
Participants need only share what they are comfortable with.

A charge per person will be £2.00 for the two sessions which will cover the hire of Room 20.

Tea and coffee are available, but it is strongly suggested that you bring drinking water.

Booking is through Martin Thatcher - instructor on 07468 412 975 or click on the 'mail to ' envelope at the top right of this page.