Baking Bread

Baking Bread

The kitchen feels warm in the sunshine,
Ingredients piled high on the table
By now we ought to have started
Ready for supper time? If we are able.

Sieve flour and salt together
Rub in butter and add frothy yeast
Everything needs stirring together
When cooked we'll have a feast.

Knead the soft, pliant dough into shape
Fold, thump, fold, till soft and plump
Prove for a couple of hours
Keep it warm so it won't slump.

Into a pre-heated oven
Time for a hot cup of tea
Kitchen fills with that lovely aroma
Not long now and bread we will see.

Time is up, the waiting is over
Oven door open, steam escaping
Pull out the tray really slowly
Ah! The visible reason we're baking!

By Margaret Bull