First Aid Training - 22 January 2019

On Tuesday 22 January fifteen Bedford U3A members received some First Aid training.

After sorting out a double-booking of the venue room we settled to listen to Jane Organ from British Red Cross ask us about our attitude to giving first aid. Whereas there is a high willingness to help someone who is unresponsive and not breathing a lot of people lack the confidence and knowledge to actually help someone in this life-threatening situation.

We were shown a video of an actor laying down in the street outside a railway station in London to test people’s responses. A lot of people walked past, ignoring the man. I believe it was some twenty minutes before a person stopped and offered help. It seems you are less likely to receive help in a situation where there is a crowd, lots of people. However when one person starts to give first aid others will stop and help as well. That says something about us, doesn’t it?

Jane explained to us that when a person is found to be unresponsive and not breathing it is imperative that steps are taken to get breathing restarted. I will not go into the detail of how that is done here but refer you to the website of the British Red Cross.

Jane also dealt with first aid for fainting, choking, bleeding heavily and some other situations.

There are a couple of apps from the British Red Cross that you can download to your smartphone: First Aid by British Red Cross and Baby and Child First Aid. With these apps you can learn how to help someone in a first aid emergency. They can be obtained from your app store.

Finally, here are a couple of pictures of us from the training afternoon. Click on a thumbnail to see it full-size.

Michael Barker
2 February 2019

Members at First Aid Training - 1Members at First Aid Training - 2