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We have an energetic group of members who arrange day trips and holidays. They are: Jacky Eastwood (01234 772443 - Kilworth trip only), Audrey Hancock (01234 356915), Teresa Hills (07749 465315) and Rosemarie Evans (01234 296755).

Are there any Travel Club members out there willing to lead trips? If so, please contact Audrey Hancock on her number above.

Until it is possible to go on outings and trips you may like to try these virtual tours being put on by London Walks Guides. This is what they have to say:

Calling All U3A members! Following the Success of the Story of London with U3A members, we are offering it again on Tuesday mornings at 11am,

‘The Story of London’ is a series of 8 virtual tours exploring the history of London from the Romans to Queen Victoria. The Matinee edition will run weekly on Tuesday mornings at 11am from March 9th to April 27th. Each episode will be recorded so any that you miss can be watched later. The recordings will be available until the end of May, so plenty of time to catch up!

8 virtual Tours for just £32.00 per person, equivalent to £4 for each 75 minute tour, presented on Zoom.

“The Story of London”

Join four of our top flight Blue Badge Tour guides on a journey back in time

What was it really like to be a merchant in the wheeling dealing medieval city? Or a lady-in-waiting at the Court of St James?

What was considered to be a culinary delicacy in a well-to-do Georgian household? and how did those Elizabethan Londoners divert themselves from the hardships of their everyday toil?

The Story of London explores how the city and its people shaped one another in this fascinating programme of virtual tours. Each century builds on the stories that have already been introduced.

Why not travel back in time through London from the comfort of your home in the company of Fiona, Russell, Simon and Karen.

“We really enjoyed our virtual tour through ‘A Village in Piccadilly'.
Angela Shipley, U3A Chess Valley”

“A hit!’ Danny Hockman, U3A Barnet”

Click Story of London to get more information and book your place at 11am from Tuesday March 9th – April 27t.h


We also have a few places left on the story of 20th Century London.

The Story of 20th Century London will take place on Thursdays at 11am from March 11th to April 29th.

The price for these 8 virtual Tours is just £32.00 per person, equivalent to £4 for each 75 minute tour, presented on Zoom.

Click 20th Century London to get more information and book your place.

All best wishes

Fiona, Russell, Karen and Simon
London Walks Guides

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