5. Trip to Brown’s Wood - Sep 2019

Our October walk was quite close to home and, although our Clapham members know the area well, it was a new site for many.

The late arrival of Autumn meant that the reds, yellows and browns normally found in foliage at this time of year was less splendid than I expect it to be soon. However we did enjoy a variety of trees in the original wood planted over 200 years ago. In this part of the wood we found a good range of interesting fungi and identified all the berries we could find as we enjoyed a sunlight dappled walk through the trees.

‘Millennium Wood’ was added to the wood in 2000 creating a real contrast between woodland of these 2 ages. The 26,000 trees which were planted are maturing well. Member of the group Val Hemmings, who takes her dog for daily walks in the wood, guided us around this area and told us much about the trees we found. We enjoyed the unusual colours of the Spindle Tree flowers and seeds and added more berry species to our day’s sightings. We also watched wasps travelling between flowers of Bristly Oxtongue and 2 different species of butterfly.

We were fortunate to have good weather and enjoyed the walk, the trees and the company.

Marion Hession

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